Mark Levin SHREDS FBI after reading through IG report

· June 15, 2018  
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Mark Levin reacts to FBI inspector general's report
Screenshot | Fox News

Thursday night on “Hannity,” LevinTV host Mark Levin torched the behavior of the FBI as revealed in the inspector general’s report released earlier that day. He heavily criticized the revealed bias of FBI agents and suggested that members of former President Obama’s DOJ planned to interfere in the 2016 election.

“There’s not a single pro-Trump text. There’s not a single anti-Hillary text. There’s not a single pro-Trump senior FBI official. There’s not a single anti-Hillary FBI official. This was a cabal,” Levin said.

“These people had as their purpose to interfere with a presidential election. They interfered with this presidential election worse than the Russians could have ever dreamed of, and I am no fan of Vladimir Putin and the Russians,” he added.

Levin slammed former FBI Director James Comey, saying that as director he was “usurping the powers of the attorney general.”

He also blasted the media for giving FBI employees inappropriate gifts, presumably in exchange for leaking juicy information. Levin said this “culture of leaks” was “appalling.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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