Mark Levin slams the MSM hacks ignoring Clinton collusion

· October 25, 2017  
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During Wednesday night’s radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin blasted the two-faced hypocrites in the Democratic Party and the media for attacking President Trump and his family with accusations of colluding with the Russians, while ignoring or dismissing the evidence that the Clintons and the Democrats were actually the ones colluding.

“The big lib media is all but silent, and when they’re not silent about this they’re mocking those who raise it!” Levin exclaimed. He played clips of the blistering attacks thrown at Donald Trump Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer to gain opposition research against Hillary Clinton, a meeting that proved fruitless and yet earned Trump Jr. accusations of “treason” from the vicious Left.


“When Donald Trump Jr. went to a meeting that proved to be completely useless – it was merely his intention to acquire information about Hillary Clinton and her campaign, potentially from the Russians – that was ‘treason!’” Levin said.

But when the Clinton campaign and the DNC hires an ex-spy to dig up dirt from the Kremlin on Donald Trump? And when that information from the Russians gets used by the FBI and leaked to the media? “That’s not treason, ladies and gentlemen, that is ‘opposition research.’”

Pure hypocrisy.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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