Mark Levin takes down the media’s Pittsburgh synagogue ‘political hit job’

· October 31, 2018  
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Mark Levin Pittsburgh shooting episode

In a new, free episode of LevinTV, Mark Levin shows how the vile media in America have exploited the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting to conduct a “political hit job” against conservatives.

“These are very bleak times in this country, not because of the American people, but because of a media in this country that seeks desperately to divide us, to turn us against each other, and quite frankly, in many ways it tolerates violence,” Levin says.

Levin criticizes the media’s double standard. They tolerate violence by Antifa radicals. They refuse to condemn Democrats for overheated rhetoric. They blame President Donald Trump for the synagogue shooting and recent attempted bombings, but won’t condemn politicians on the Left for the congressional baseball shooting or ricin attacks against Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, or the White House.

“It’s not that the Democrat Party is leading the media; the media are leading the Democrat Party,” Levin explains. “There’ve been studies in the past that demonstrate that the vast majority of so-called reporters are Democrats. The vast majority of so-called reporters are liberals, and they just are.”

This episode hammers home that point as LevinTV host Mark Levin walks through the dishonest and biased reporting following the weekend atrocity in Pittsburgh.


EP515 | The Media Tries to Turn the Pittsburgh Shooting into a Political Hit Job

The media tries to turn the horrific tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh into a political hit job, Chris Wallace takes Shep Smith to task for blaming Trump for inciting violence, and the vile Steve Schmidt blames Mark & other conservatives for the Pittsburgh shooting.Here's tonight's FREE episode! To see more shows, get CRTV. Start with a free 30 day trial!

Posted by LevinTV on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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