Matthew Dowd’s tweets on Christian persecution are turning heads

· May 12, 2017  
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In an act of jaw-dropping obliviousness, ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd said that Christian persecution of Muslims is a “bigger issue” in America and around the globe than Muslim persecution of Christians.

Dowd made his comment responding to Fox News host Shannon Bream, who aired a segment on the growing persecution of Christians around the world.

Several people responded, questioning how Dowd managed to stuff that much sheer ignorance into 140 characters.

Jay Caruso, of Redstate, is stating the obvious. Matthew Dowd didn’t take.

You read that correctly. “Right wing Christian extremists” in America persecuting Muslims are a “bigger issue” than Christian persecution everywhere in the world.

Good question, Jay!

But is he?

Oh, there’s data. Tons of data.

But liberals seem to have this obsessive-compulsive need to go to extremes to defend Islam (and conveniently ignore the countless hate crime hoaxes that so many Muslims in America feel the need to resort to).

It’s not that Dowd’s defense of Islam is problematic. It’s his denial of the reality of Christian persecution that’s breathtakingly delusional.

Just to be clear: After all this criticism and presentation of facts, Dowd is not backtracking.

Here is Dowd’s conclusive evidence:


Author: Chris Pandolfo

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