Mayor in England: Lobby British government to ‘take a vocal stand against Trump’

· July 5, 2018  
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Magid Magid
@SheffieldGreens | Twitter

Lord Mayor Magid Magid of Sheffield, England, announced on Twitter Wednesday that he has “banned” U.S. President Donald Trump from Sheffield, a decision he also vocalized at a city council meeting Wednesday, The Hill reported.

The British mayor, who does not actually have the power to ban anyone from the city without the approval of the city council, the BBC reported, posted several other anti-Trump graphics Wednesday, one listing “5 things we can do to beat Donald Trump,” which included the suggestion, “Lobby your Government representatives to take a vocal stand against Trump.”

It’s possible that Magid, who has previously spoken on serious issues such as how night life shapes politics and very respectfully calls Donald Trump a “wasteman,” simply forgot that England doesn’t have jurisdiction over the United States any more. Perhaps the British mayor should have checked the calendar.

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Author: Carmel Kookogey