Mike Lee: Trump has the power to pardon himself, but it would be a ‘disaster’

· June 5, 2018  
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Senator Mike Lee glares
Andrew Harrer | Getty Images

President Donald Trump has the constitutional authority to pardon himself, but it’d be a bad idea, says Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

Lee, speaking on Fox News Tuesday, joins a chorus of Republican senators warning President Donald Trump that though he correctly declared Monday that he has “the absolute right to PARDON myself,” he shouldn’t.

“I’m not aware of anything in the text of the Constitution or the original understanding of the Constitution that would preclude the president from using this power,” Lee said.

He added that it would be “political malpractice” for a president to pardon himself.

“I don’t recommend that this president or any subsequent president avail him or herself of this power. It’s not a good idea, politically.”

When asked, Lee declined to speculate about the motivations of Trump or his legal team in bringing up the pardon power.

“What I can say is simply that there’s nothing in the Constitution that prohibits it, but it’d be a disaster politically for them to try it. I don’t recommend it,” Lee concluded.


Author: Chris Pandolfo

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