Mike Rowe: ‘Run, Hide, Tell’? Is that really what we want?

· June 5, 2017  
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A man walks past flowers near London Bridge following Saturday's terrorist attack. Isabel Infantes | AP Photo

Is “Run, Hide, Tell” really the best response to a terror attack? Mike Rowe posted to Facebook to share his thoughts on the advice UK authorities are giving citizens to survive terror attacks.

“… I began to hear an expression repeated that I hadn’t heard before; a mantra that British citizens are now being encouraged to employ when confronted with terrorism,” Rowe wrote. “The mantra is ‘Run, Hide, Tell.’”

“The more I heard it repeated, the more I found myself asking my television ‘what the bloody hell is happening here?’”

Yesterday, in the wake of another attack on our civilization, I found myself doing the same thing I always do – flicking…

Yesterday, in the wake of another attack on our civilization, I found myself doing the same thing I always do – flicking…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rowe explained that while running and hiding may be good advice in a terror situation, he’s grateful for the brave men and women who run toward danger to stop it.

“No — I’m not about to suggest that running and hiding from terrorists is bad advice – I’m just saying I’m very grateful that not everyone takes it. I’m grateful that some people run toward the danger, and not away from it. And no – I’m not talking only about first responders; I’m talking about civilians who do that which is counterintuitive. I’m talking about Todd Beamer and the other guys who tried to take back the cockpit of Flight 93. I’m talking about the guys on that train in France who charged an armed lunatic and saved countless lives. I’m talking about the shopkeeper yesterday, who held the door shut, even as men with knives tried to barge into his restaurant.”

“I’m not blaming anyone who runs from armed killers, bent on murder. That would certainly be my instinct, and I strongly suspect I’d give in to it when the chips are down,” Rowe wrote. “But really – what is it we should be telling our people to do when confronted with evil? Run from it? Hide from it? Is this really the way to strengthen our collective resolve? By putting our personal safety above all things?”

Author: Chris Pandolfo

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