Nancy Pelosi, your excuses for Democrat anti-Semitism are un-American

· March 12, 2019  
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Last week’s House resolution began because of clear and unequivocal anti-Semitic comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., a Somali-born Muslim who has been called to account before on her anti-Semitism by Jewish leaders in her own district.

But Speaker Pelosi tried to act as though Omar was simply unaware that her comments would be taken as anti-Semitic and therefore should be given a pass. The Islamist activist Omar is an anti-Semite because she is an Islamist activist.

Pelosi has held positive views of the mutual enemies of Israel and America. When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the United States in 2015 and spoke on the floor of the House, Pelosi complained that he was unnecessarily brash toward Iran and condescending to the intelligence of the United States. Iran celebrates its revolution by chanting “death to America,” consistently chants “death to Israel,” and demands that the Jewish nation be wiped off the map.

Recall that President Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu on that visit, and the Democrats fumed and denied that the Israeli prime minister was invited with their consent. Pelosi is no friend to Israel and no friend to the United States, and that should be clear for all to see. Her party has started down the path of the Nazi Party, with one very vocal anti-Semite leading the way.

Must we remind Speaker Pelosi, as Netanyahu did that day four years ago, of the image in the gallery of Moses, the man who led the Israelites out of slavery, and the inextricable link between the people of Israel and freedom itself? We are friends of Israel and the Jewish people in part because our nation was formed out of the teachings of the Bible. Those teachings brought forth the Enlightenment and ideas of human rights and freedom.

Western civilization is based upon the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. When there is an attack on the Jewish people, there is an attack on the Bible and on freedom itself.

“First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” is a remark that reminds the Jewish and Christian world that anti-Semitism is the beginning of force against the Jews and then the Christians. But the speaker of the House decided to once again ignore history and press onward into becoming the party of anti-Semitism.

America is based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs, and we should be on high alert that the Democrat Party has been transformed into a party hell-bent on condemning the beliefs that created such a unique and robust capitalist society with freedom for all and limitless opportunities.

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Author: Jen Kuznicki

Jen Kuznicki is a contributor to Conservative Review, a blue-collar wife and mom, a political writer, humorist, and conservative activist, a seamstress by trade, and compelled to write. Follow her on Twitter @JenKuznicki.