NBA star visits Israel, shoots guns, triggers libs

· July 11, 2018  
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Draymond Green in Israel
Israel Police Spokesperson Unit

NBA All-Star Draymond Green visited Israel last week. By all accounts, it seemed like the Golden State Warriors star had a great time in the Holy Land.

Green was in Israel on a trip sponsored by Friends of the IDF (FIDF) and spent four days in the country, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Photos and videos of Green enjoying his visit — and shooting targets with a variety of weapons — have emerged on social media.

The far-left and anti-Israel radicals are particularly upset by Green’s decision to visit Israel. Many anti-Israel activists seek to boycott the Jewish state as part of an effort to isolate it and marginalize its appeal.

Shaun King, a far-left columnist for the New York Daily News, called the trip “horribly offensive.” Anti-Israel college professor Marc Lamont Hill added, “I’m confident that if he had been briefed, he would not have gone.” Other radical leftists were equally upset that Green dared to visit the liberal democracy.

For most of the season last year, Green was teammates with Israeli NBA player Omri Casspi, who has in the past helped bring other professional athletes on trips to Israel.

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Author: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review and editor of The Dossier for Blaze Media. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.