Trump isn’t remodeling the GOP. He has a hammer, not a blueprint.

· May 11, 2017  
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United States President Donald J. Trump makes remarks Donald Trump signs religious freedom executive order, Washington DC, USA. Rex Features | AP Images

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At National Review on Thursday, Professor Victor Davis Hanson, a brilliant historian and Trump booster, continued to press forward in his attempts to craft an intellectually consistent veneer to overlay President Trump’s various and sundry positions. According to Hanson, Trump has remade the Republican Party – and if Republicans refuse to see how he has done so, they will return to their losing ways. This ignores the fact that Trump underperformed virtually every Republican Senate candidate across the country; that he rode a movement rather than creating it; and that Trump has no philosophy of government. But for those who advocate Buchananism as an alternative to Reaganism, Trumpism makes for a convenient vehicle.

According to Hanson:

Republicans concentrate on what they like in the Trump agenda — military spending increases, energy expansion, deterrence abroad, tax and regulatory reform, and the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act — and they ignore the inherent contradictions between Trumpism and their own political creed. But there are many fault lines that will loom large in the next few years.

What are those fault lines?

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Author: Ben Shapiro

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