Who our open border hurts most: It’s not who you think

· August 6, 2019  
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Sign for U.S.-Mexico border
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Unlike gun laws, which wouldn’t stop any of these mass murders, simply enforcing existing immigration law would end the crime wave from criminal illegal aliens. The tragic results of allowing criminal aliens to get into our country and remain undetected are borne most evidently by Hispanics in America and in Mexico who suffer from the cartels, empowered by our open border.

When an estimated two million illegal aliens with criminal records get to remain in the country and are not deported, who is harmed the most?

When our border agents are drawn off dealing with Central American families scamming our asylum system (0 of 1,155 recent cases qualified for asylum), allowing the cartels to bring in gangs, criminals, and previously deported sex offenders, who is hurt most by that?

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 78.1 percent of homicides are committed against non-strangers. In other words, most murderers kill those they know. Harboring criminal Hispanic aliens certainly hurts all demographics, but Hispanic communities are most harmed. This is especially true of the child sex offense epidemic among illegal immigrants.

Just a few weeks ago, a previously deported Guatemalan killed a Hispanic mother and her two children in Iowa. Despite having been pulled over for driving without a license, Marvin Oswaldo Escobar-Orellana was allowed to remain in the country and even went through the Polk County courthouse the day before the murder, even though our laws on the books are designed to detect illegal aliens when they interact with government or law enforcement. Rossibeth Flores-Rodriguez, 29; Grecia Daniela Alvarado-Flores, 11; and Ever Jose Mejia-Flores, 5, are now dead.

Many communities in California and on the East Coast are now saturated with MS-13 as a result of this wave of illegal immigration. Again, it’s the immigrant communities that are hurt most. Recently, 22 MS-13 members have been indicted for seven gruesome murders in the San Fernando Valley, many of whom came here recently under our “compassionate” border policies. As U.S. attorney Nick Hanna is quoted in the Los Angeles Times, “We’re seeing an influx of younger gang members coming into the area associating themselves with the Fulton clique who are extremely violent, who have to commit murders to join the clique.”

Who does this hurt the most? As the Times reported, MS-13 was able to make a “beachhead” in Panorama High School, where “nearly 91% of Panorama High students entered school as children with limited English skills.”

This same dynamic is playing out in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and other places around D.C. The violence of Central America is being brought to the immigrant communities in this country and is harming them more than anyone else.

Then there are sanctuary cities. The Left wants to cast a wide net on constitutional rights in order to go after an inanimate object like rifles, yet release someone charged with child sex offenses so that ICE can’t get him. Despite watching its sanctuary policies lead to the death of Bambi Larson because officials ignored 10 ICE detainers on Carlos Carranza, Santa Clara County ignored a total of 176 immigration detainers from April to June of this year. Not only were none of these detainers honored, 108 of these individuals had prior arrests, which resulted in prior ICE detainers being lodged at the time, and all of them were released without notification to ICE.

These are endless avoidable crimes, feeding and fueling more avoidable crimes of career criminals – foreign nationals who could and should easily be removed. Santa Clara County is 39 percent foreign-born, and the release of these criminals back into its neighborhoods is most likely to harm immigrants.

Then there are the Mexicans south of the border. Mexicans are paying for our open borders to Central Americans with their blood. Mexico is on pace for record homicides this year, committed by the cartels that are enriched and empowered by the flow of these migrants. Not to mention the endless number of Hispanic children who are stolen to take advantage of the child amnesty charade at the border. It’s no wonder that polls show an overwhelming majority of Mexicans believe the Central American migrants are a burden and should be deported – just like American moderates, who, by a margin of 2-1, believe the migrants should be turned back at the border.

The New York Times believes that standing against illegal immigration somehow feeds white supremacists and is hateful. But enforcing our sovereignty and insisting on a legal, ordered immigration process are actually love and compassion for the people in both Mexico and the United States who pay for the problems and the immigrant communities who must deal with the criminals and gangs.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.