Phil Robertson: I would have stopped the NYC jihadist with my gun

· November 3, 2017  
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Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" | Facebook

During a Facebook Live video Thursday, CRTV host Phil Robertson said that if he had been in New York during this week’s terror attack with his firearms, he would’ve stopped the suspected Islamic terrorist Sayfullo Saipov before he killed eight people by running them down with a truck.

“Look, you have these poor souls riding along on bicycles. Somebody comes in from behind them and just mows them down for no reason. And you say, ‘What kind of cold-blooded killer would do that?’” Robertson said.

“Look, see these weapons in behind me? One of them’s for deer, there’s deer season going on. One of them’s for squirrels, that’s the one in the middle.” Roberston described how he drives his four-wheeler down “a strip of pavement” for about a half-mile to get to the woods to go hunting.

“That other one right there,” Robertson said, pointing at a third gun, “that’s for somebody who wants to come up behind me when I’m in my four-wheeler and run me over.”

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“So here’s my point. The founding fathers said the goal of the Second Amendment is that all able-bodied men be armed. I have that with me. If you try to come up behind me, and you’re in some truck and you’re gonna run over me, I know you’re back there. I’m very aware of anybody coming up behind me because I keep checking, all the way to the woods.”

“There’s killer teams coming from worldwide that have infiltrated us. They will kill us by any means possible, including running over you,” Robertson explained, stressing the need to be aware of your surroundings.

“It’s a dangerous world that we live in. It’s unfortunate, but it’s here. And until able-bodied men, Al, get armed and pay attention — at least I’m making it more difficult,” he continued.

“If had been in my wheeler, my four-wheeler, driving along with the bicyclists, if I had been there with the weaponry I carry with me at all times — if I had been there, [Saipov] would not have come up behind them and run over them. I would have stopped him from doing that. I would have saved those eight people’s lives,” Robertson added.

“I would’ve seen him coming, I would’ve been very aware, looking behind me and [on] both sides. So at least we’d have had a chance.”

Author: Chris Pandolfo

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