Phony cons, blue state conservatives know all about #NewYorkvalues

· April 7, 2016  
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Poll worker Maria Soroka walks towards a polling station as she waits for voters during elections Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in San Diego. Those turning out to vote on Tuesday aren't the only ones having their say this election. More than 18.6 million Americans in 32 states voted early, either by mail or at early polling places. And millions more may have their say in another way, by sitting this election out. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

You are besieged and feel out of place.  You thought you were pursuing the ideal American life. A life of God, family, property, business, and country – the life you grew up with.  Yet, you feel like an alien surrounded by antithetical values promoted by all the levers of power in your city.  

You are surrounded by endless crime with violent felons carrying guns but you are barred from carrying a weapon to protect yourself from the violence.  Concurrently, the police are demonized for doing their job, and to the extent they succeed in apprehending the criminals, they are released by the leaky criminal justice system.

  • While violent felons reign supreme on the streets, you live in fear of the infinite myriad of state regulations on your small business, private property, and personal liberties.
  • Your state and city tackily promote transgender bathrooms and the broader officious homosexual agenda at every awkward turn, yet that same faux sense of “live and let live” never extends to your ability to purchase the soft drink you want, the gun of your choice, the goods and services you need – unless they are “green,” aka don’t work.  Any “liberty” not associated with libertine cultural rotgut is infringed upon.
  • You pay endless taxes and fees on income, sales, property (and in Maryland, on rain) so that it can purvey the interminable cycle of poverty, anti-growth, and expelling of local businesses…which in turn creates more poverty and higher taxes.
  • While your city is no longer a sanctuary for your children to walk the streets safely and your business to prosper, it has become a sanctuary for illegal aliens and Islamic refugees.
  • Your children are trapped in schools where they are forced to worship multiculturalism and blame America first.

Yes, indeed, you are one of the millions of conservative blue-state-Americans (heck there is a hyphenated identity for everything!).  In fact, you are likely one of those angry voters who have despaired over the corrupt and dyslexic priorities of our politicians and are attracted to the macro-messaging of Donald Trump.

Any real conservative living in a blue state understands this, yet phony conservatives like John Kasich and Donald Trump clearly don’t.  It’s because they share many of those values.

Once again, Donald Trump rewarmed his feigned outrage routine over Ted Cruz’s comments about him subscribing to ‘New York values,’ something Trump himself readily admitted in that infamous “Meet the Press” interview.  Now, ever the lapdog for the strong man on the block, John Kasich’s Soros-funded Super PAC is getting in on the action.  They are airing a TV ad in New York attacking Cruz over those comments and using Trump’s non-sequitur emotional distraction about 9/11 to obfuscate the broader point about New York’s (and other blue state’s) liberal politics.

Remember, when Kasich’s Super PAC ran the ad referring to Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted?”  Can they at least be original or do they have to plagiarize every corny line from Trump?

What’s next?  A Kasich ad in San Francisco praising “San Francisco values” and distracting with pictures of the workers building the Golden Gate Bridge?

In reality, both Trump and Kasich are quite similar in that they share New York values.  Of course, Kasich’s donors, who are hooked into the Soros network, would be offended by Cruz’s remarks about the politics of New York.  John Kasich himself shares many of those values as it relates to taxes, spending, guns, and illegal immigration.  And he is from Ohio!

As a lifelong Marylander who has always lived in the Baltimore area, I fully appreciate what it’s like to be a conservative living in a social democratic utopia.  Recently, I wrote an article explaining what it’s like to live in the “Baltimore basket case.”  Were a presidential candidate to come to Maryland in the coming days and bemoan the Baltimore basket case and pledge to lead the federal government in the exact opposite direction, my conservative friends and neighbors in the area would identify and appreciate that message even more than red state conservatives.  They would be far from offended.

In politics you know a man best by the nature of what offends them.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.