‘Professor’ Rand Paul?

· April 27, 2017  
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Timothy D. Easley | AP Photo

Senator Rand Paul, R-KY., former presidential candidate, ophthalmologist, and conservatarian firebrand is fulfilling a dream – teaching English to college students.

Jackson Richman of Red Alert Politics reports “Professor Rand Paul” will teach a course titled “Dystopian Visions” during the fall 2017 semester at George Washington University. The course will focus on dystopian literature and what it can teach about the nature of too-powerful government.

Sen. Paul has previously discussed his desire to teach, saying “I think dystopian novels are a discussion of politics, and sort of what happens if you let a government accumulate too much power.”

The class will be an elective held bi-weekly at 8 AM.

“When Senator Paul’s office approached us about coming to campus to teach this course, we agreed that his unique voice as a sitting senator would provide an engaging backdrop for our students,” Ben Vinson, the dean of GWU’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, said. “Because of our connections and location in the heart of the nation’s capital, we will continue to welcome prominent contributors to the global dialogue to come to campus to engage our students.”

Eager students have maxed out the available seats in the class. It’s safe to say this will be one college campus where a conservative speaker is welcome.

Author: Chris Pandolfo

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