Report: Woman says she was targeted by MD newspaper shooter and warned police

· June 29, 2018  
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Capital Gazette
Mark Wilson | Getty Images

WABAL11 reports that a woman says she was stalked by shooting suspect Jarrod Ramos, who is charged with killing five people in an attack at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, Thursday. The woman, who has not been identified, says she warned a former police official “years ago” that the suspect “will be your next mass shooter.” She added, “He’s a f—— nut job,” the report says.

Ramos reportedly sued both a Capital Gazette reporter and the Gazette itself for defamation, after the paper reported his “fixating” on and stalking of a woman who has since moved three times and now sleeps with a gun, according to WBAL investigative reporter Jayne Miller.

Anne Arundel County Deputy Police Chief William Krampf confirmed that Ramos had a vendetta against the newspaper.

“This was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette,” Krampf said.

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Author: Carmel Kookogey