SJWs triggered by ‘Spider-Man’ video game because cops aren’t the villains

· September 12, 2018  
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Spiderman videogame
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The new “Spider-Man” game for the Playstation 4 is terrific. It brings the comic-book superhero to life for the player, allowing you to swing through a detailed New York City, take on supervillains with all the cinematic flare of a big-budget Marvel movie, and help everyday New Yorkers by aiding the NYPD in stopping crime and keeping the city safe.

That last point is disturbing some internet reviewers. The game, developed by Insomniac Games, is under fire for being too pro-police. Social justice warriors are blasting the game as “copaganda,” as one reviewer wrote for the Ringer.

Another reviewer was explicit, writing for Deadspin, “they turned Spider-Man into a damn cop and it sucks.”

Granted, I am only a few hours into the game, but so far the primary objective boils down to Help The Cops. Not just any cops, either, but the NYPD specifically, because the game takes place in a true-to-life rendering of New York City. It’s dumb to expect video games to be responsible reflections of real life, but it is also impossible, for me at least, to not feel some ickiness about the game forcing me into cahoots with even a fictionalized version of the NYPD, an organization that routinely oppresses some of the most vulnerable residents of the city I live in. (Emphasis added).

And here’s another reviewer calling Spider-Man an “UNPAID PIG” and a “narc” because he “loves the cops like WAY too much.”

To be clear, in this game, the player, as Spider-Man, helps the police: 1) stop muggings; 2) stop break-ins; 3) rescue people from car accidents; 4) defuse bombs and oppose terrorists; 5) and most importantly, SAVE LIVES. In comic books, Spider-Man has been doing this in cooperation with the police for, well, a while now.

But those good things are problematic for the SJWs, who demand that all entertainment media shove SJW propaganda down everyone’s throats. Criminals can’t just be bad guys. The police can’t just be the good guys. And our heroes need to fit into a leftist narrative, or they can’t really be heroes.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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