Southern California malls remove billboard with image of Bible

· August 9, 2018  
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Harvest billboard with image of Bible
Screenshot | Fox News

Popular Southern California malls removed a pastor’s billboards after several complaints that they contained an image of a Bible, Fox News reported Thursday.

The company asked that the billboards be revised to remove the image of the Bible. Pastor Greg Laurie’s billboards were promoting an upcoming evangelical event called “Harvest” and were displayed at several locations in Southern California.

Even after revisions, however, the company still removed the billboards altogether.

The image of Laurie holding the Bible is in black and white and does not even contain the word “Bible.”

“If you’re real technical, I’m literally holding a black book up,” Laurie said. “Why is it all of a sudden offensive to even reference this book?”

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Author: Carmel Kookogey