Spokesman for ‘Democratic superlawyer’ and Clinton ally: He is not representing Peter Strzok [updated]

· January 23, 2018  
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Update: Edward Evans, the director of communications for Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, tells Conservative Review that the claim David Boies is representing Peter Strzok is “not true.” During an appearance on “The John Batchelor Show” Monday evening, John Fund of National Review claimed that the Democratic megadonor was representing Strzok. The original article remains below.

David Boies, an extremely influential Democratic attorney, is reportedly representing Peter Strzok, the FBI official facing allegations of attempting to devise a plan to throw the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton.

Strzok, who has served as the FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence (the number two post in the counterintelligence division), is facing congressional scrutiny after text messages showed evidence of inappropriate — and allegedly illegal — behavior. The texts released to the public thus far allude to the possibility that Strzok, his mistress Lisa Page, and top FBI officials concocted an “insurance policy” to thwart President Trump’s election victory.

On Monday, Republican Reps. Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe told Fox News that further text messages between Strzok and Page imply that a “secret society” of federal agents was working to quash Trump’s election. Gowdy further revealed that Strzok and Page had allegedly planned on deleting evidence of their efforts.

Boies has been described as a “Democratic superlawyer” because of his ties to several prominent Democrat leaders.

While appearing on “The John Batchelor Show” Monday evening, John Fund of National Review claimed that Mr. Boies is representing Strzok. Fund called into question how Strzok, a lifelong government employee, could possibly afford Boies without outside help, given that the high-profile attorney apparently charges $700 per hour.


Boies most recently represented Harvey Weinstein, a known Clinton ally and serial sexual predator.

According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton had dinner with Weinstein and Boies at a Manhattan restaurant following her failed presidential campaign. Clinton also attended a $100,000 per plate fundraiser for her campaign at Boies’ home in Armonk, New York, Vice News has reported.

Boies has donated millions of dollars to Democratic causes. In 2012, he sent a million-dollar check to Priorities USA Action, an Obama super PAC. During the most recent presidential election campaign, he sent the maximum donation to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Editor’s note: The original title of this article, “Claim: ‘Democratic superlawyer’ & Clinton ally is representing Peter Strzok,” has been changed to reflect the response from the director of communications for Boies Schiller Flexner LLP.

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Author: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review and editor of The Dossier for Blaze Media. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.