Steven Crowder takes down ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ in PragerU video

· October 8, 2018  
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Steven Crowder PragerU Columbus Day video
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In the latest video from PragerU, CRTV host Steven Crowder dispels the progressive myths created to erase history and disparage Christopher Columbus and the holiday named for him.

The Left wants to indoctrinate young Americans into celebrating “Indigenous Peoples Day” instead of remembering the great achievements and legacy of Columbus. Crowder reviews actual history and gives the real story of Christopher Columbus and why he’s important.


Goodbye, Columbus Day

Even though it remains a national holiday, many cities no longer celebrate Columbus Day. They celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead. What’s behind the switch? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not about paying homage to America’s original inhabitants. Steven Crowder, host of Louder with Crowder, explains.

Posted by PragerU on Monday, October 8, 2018

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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