‘Stop listening to all the babbling’: Levin says Mueller cannot indict Trump — ‘period’

· May 4, 2018  
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Robert Mueller
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On Thursday night, LevinTV host Mark Levin reiterated to Sean Hannity that special counsel Robert Mueller cannot indict President Donald Trump while he remains in office and demanded that the Trump administration take its case to the Supreme Court if Mueller attempts to do so.

“This is not me speaking; this is the Department of Justice speaking, and the position of the Justice Department has not been repealed and has not been amended” since October 16, 2000, Levin said. “Grand juries and prosecutors cannot supplant Congress.”

The only way to remove a president established by the Constitution and by DOJ interpretation of the Constitution is for Congress to trigger the impeachment process, Levin explained.

“He cannot be indicted as a sitting president. Period.”

Levin offered some advice to the president and his lawyers.

“Focus. You’re making this too complicated. The Constitution is on the side of the president. The Department of Justice’s own position, which you can read for yourselves, is on the side of the president of the United States. Historical precedent is on the side of the president of the United States. Legal precedent is on the side of the president of the United States.

“Stop listening to all the babbling,” Levin said. He said that Mueller should be required to explain his “defiance of Department of Justice policy, which you are required to follow as an employee of the Department of Justice.”

Levin believes any attempt by the special counsel to indict or subpoena Trump should be taken to the Supreme Court.

“The people need to rise up and demand that this go all the way to the Supreme Court to put these rogue prosecutors in their place,” he said.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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