Surprise and merry Christmas! The 5 best videos of soldiers coming home

· December 26, 2018  
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soldier comes home for Christmas
AleksandarNakic | Getty Images

This Christmas season, the best gifts by far are families reuniting with loved ones who serve in the armed forces. Here are a few of the best videos of soldiers surprising their families for Christmas this year.

1.“Daddy, Daddy!”

Coming home from a six-month deployment in Nepal, Army Captain Eric Morski surprised his 10-year-old daughter at his family’s home in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

2. “The only Christmas gift he asked for.”

This little boy got the one thing he wanted for Christmas: His dad to come home.

3. “Best Christmas, ever!”

Two Minnesota sisters got their Christmas wish when their dad, Capt. Steve Guptill of the Army National Guard, came home from Kuwait.

4. “I don’t think anything will ever top this.”

A local Ohio school teamed up with U.S. Army Private Zackery Douglas on a secret mission to surprise his two favorite cousins.

5. This one will make you cry

A girl in central Indiana was reunited with her soldier mom at a school Christmas concert after a whole year apart. If you’re not crying by now, this one will do it.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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