Texas school district will permit students to kneel during anthem

· September 29, 2017  
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While some high schools and colleges across the U.S. are beginning to ban kneeling during the national anthem following the NFL protests from last weekend, the Frisco School District in Texas is tacitly encouraging students to protest (arguably even inviting them to do so).

In an email directive, Frisco Independent School District coaches have been told not to stop any students from kneeling. If students choose to kneel before the game, “they may do so without repercussion,” states a copy of the note provided to CR by a member of the Frisco ISD community.

The note was signed by a Frisco ISD communications representative.

The directive was issued in response to an inquiry from Frisco ISD coaches. According to WFAA-TV, the school said it “did not create a district policy, and did not impose or suggest consequences for any students or staff for expressing an opinion on the merits of standing, sitting, kneeling, or locking arms during the national anthem.”

The point of this letter is ostensibly to provide “guidance” to school coaches, to help navigate around potential trouble. Its defenders will claim the district is in no way encouraging students to protest the national anthem.

But what is the purpose of sending this directive where there was no indication students were planning a protest? In sending this letter (which countless coaches have undoubtedly shared with their teams), the school preemptively declared there will be no consequences for a protest that wasn’t happening. By doing this, the school is actually inviting such a protest.

It’s like saying, “By the way, kids, if you want to protest during the anthem, you won’t be punished.” “We aren’t protesting.” “OK, but if you do, we won’t punish you.”

Don’t be surprised if Frisco ISD athletes start kneeling during the national anthem now that the school essentially gave them the all-clear.

Editor’s note: The image for this piece has been changed to better reflect the contents of the story.


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