The Clinton protection racket explodes into hyperdrive

· October 27, 2017  
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Hillary Clinton
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What we think we know about the dossier scandal …

What has been reported so far … A lot of folks have been confused following this story. I wanted to lay out what this whole scandal is about. In clear, easy-to-understand terms: The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC reportedly paid a law firm to hide payments from the FEC that ultimately went to Fusion GPS, a shady opposition-research shop that then paid a retired foreign spy to investigate their American political rival with the help of the Kremlin. That “investigation” found its way to the FBI through Sen. John McCain and reportedly formed the basis for obtaining FISA warrants for the Obama administration to spy on political opponents.

Is there any wonder the media don’t want to talk about this?

Downplaying … The MSM continue to do the Clinton-Obama obfuscation dirty work. The LA Times editorial board says that it doesn’t matter who paid for the dossier. The Washington Post’s Paul Waldman downplays his own paper’s reporting. The Baltimore Sun editorial board calls the notion that it was Hillary Clinton who “colluded with the Russians” its “Alternative Fact of the Week.” This is all just the same tired Clinton protection racket going into hyperdrive. This is sadly nothing new.

Or just not wanting to cover … Yesterday, CRTV host Steve Deace was on HLN with Carol Costello. As Deace tried to highlight the media’s duplicity in covering Russia stories, Costello pivoted to a new topic. She actually said she wanted to cover “real issues,” not Russia.  I covered the jaw-dropping statement on Facebook Live yesterday.

WSJ reminds us of an important fact … In today’s Wall Street Journal is a report from Kimberley Strassel saying that a judge could rule as early as today whether Fusion GPS must give a House committee bank records regarding the work on the so-called Trump dossier. Hidden in that article is a reminder that Fusion GPS worked with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who sought a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. Strassel puts the reminder in the same paragraph where she states that the bank records could show a monetary link to Russians. This could get very interesting.

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Um …

Free tampons are a basic human right … The Huffington Post’s “Impact Reporter” Eleanor Goldberg actually wrote a piece bemoaning that men don’t think tampons are a basic right. No, really, she did. Apparently government not paying for absorbent materials is a perpetuation of the patriarchy.

Toobin may get some bananas … I was really hoping the 5 Banana Award was going to be a periodic thing that I do. But now Jeffrey Toobin steps into the fray. CNN’s legal analyst is claiming that the Russian uranium scandal is “old” and “discredited” news. Um … it’s like The Hill stories breaking new ground never happened. The media, as mentioned above, really, really want to continue to obfuscate for the Clintons. Like they have always done.

Columnist says Trump Cabinet death threats are justified … The Free Beacon’s Brent Scher has the disturbing story of a SF Gate columnist justifying death threats against Trump Cabinet officials. These people are unhinged.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.