The dark arts of the press are on full display

· January 9, 2019  
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President Trump and Jim Acosta at a press conference
Al Drago | Getty Images

How remarkable that the same press that obsessed Donald Trump straight into the White House has doubled down once he was there, to the point that the former editor of the New York Times called them out on it a few days ago. And it’s now going full Voldemort — “he who shall not be named” — when it comes to Trump’s Oval Office speech to the country.

And when I say remarkable, I mean totally predictable. Because journalism is magical and not at all broken.

Don Lemon at CNN. Mika at MSNBC. Don’t even run the president’s speech on our networks, they say. Or at the very least delay it so that we can get our, ahem, “fact-checking” underway. So much is at stake, they say.

For example, says Lemon, “people will believe [Trump].” And that. Can’t. Happen.

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I mean, he’s Voldemort, remember. You can’t let his “propaganda” go unchecked, says Lemon. Because a man who said he wouldn’t even shake Trump’s hand if presented with the opportunity probably has the market cornered on objectivity.

This is bigger than just Lemon and Mika, though. They’re legion. The number of people in media who resent that we live in a representative republic that must endeavor to put the people’s legitimate desires first, no matter who the president might be, is far, far greater than the number of Constitution-loving people in the U.S. Congress, which is supposed to be serving those interests.

Not good. It’s a swarm of locusts vs. a single can of bug spray.

Such collective drunkenness now has the press inferring out loud that the people are simply too dumb to be left to their own devices. And that the president they elected is simply too terrible to even be listened to on two issues — the government shutdown and immigration — of obvious national importance. And that a properly ordered society, even if it isn’t remotely the form of social contract we actually live under, should depend on a bunch of unelected elites like the press and judges and scientists and Hollywood stars to tell the plebes when it’s time to jump and how high.

Good grief, people. It’s far past time to wake up to the consequences of all this. Because if the press believes it is this reasonable to consider muting the voice of a sitting president of the United States simply because they disagree with him, what do you think they are doing every other day of the week when it comes to shaping the narratives of the day?

The press thinks it is supposed to be deciding what the conversation is, and it is deeply wrong about that. Dangerously wrong. This is a country by, for, and of the people, led in part by an executive branch, whether it be Democrat or Republican or Trumpian, that is entitled to address the country from time to time as it sees fit.

That’s not remotely debatable to anyone who isn’t, quite frankly, an enemy of liberty. That’s not Trump. He’s got a lot of problems, but that’s not one of them.

He’s not Voldemort. But the press? They clearly know a thing or two about the dark arts.

Author: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally every day on BlazeTV. He is the author of the book “Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise).”