The media is at war. Are we?

· March 27, 2019  
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The Mueller report has demonstrated with objective and verifiable certainty that the progressive media apparatus currently dominating America’s dissemination of information is at war with you.

Whether it’s collusion, Kavanaugh, Covington, etc., our friends from the “journalism is magical and not at all broken” cult pushing these false and debunked narratives either pathologically need to believe such things about those with whom they disagree or must tyrannically convince the rest of America to kneel before Zod.

Either way, that’s the behavior of a de facto civil war. You treat those you disagree with this way when you see them as your enemies. You can’t share a country with such people, because they’ve made it clear they have no intention of sharing one with you.

So it’s war, then. And currently, we have the advantage. Time to keep a boot on the throat and take more ground.

For example, CNN is getting its apples and bananas mixed up again with a story on its website about nine labor and delivery nurses at a Maine hospital who are all pregnant and expecting to have their babies around the same time. The story even included a beautiful picture of eight of the women proudly showing off their “baby bumps.”

Hmm. The story actually says baby bumps. Not fetus bumps. Not clump-of-cells bumps. Not a choice-between-a-woman-and-her-doctor bumps. Weird.

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Might I suggest that the folks at CNN ask themselves why they are suddenly celebrating women and their babies in such a fashion if it is totally cool that those babies can be executed at any moment, for any reason, if the mother simply isn’t interested in a photo op? Because CNN’s standard-issue propaganda on the baby front is usually this and this and this. Forget apples and bananas then. We are talking about the difference between an apple and alligator.

How can the truth-seekers at CNN allow such a gaping chasm in their logic and their moral authority continue to exist if they are to be taken at all seriously? It’s time to be hot or cold, CNN, not lukewarm. If a baby can be killed up into the time of birth, and even after it is born if Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and his jackals are in charge, then there simply can’t be anything to celebrate about a pregnancy.

It is a value-neutral proposition at best that must be approached with the cold, sterile hand of fake science, not the loving appreciation of all that is good, true, and beautiful. For a new and unique life has been created and is worthy of dignity, respect, and protection, inside the womb and out.

Even the most basic level of actual journalism should be able to discern that what CNN and most of mainstream journalism have done since 1972’s Roe v. Wade decision to cover for the slaughter of the innocents in America makes its complicity in the Russia collusion affair look small by comparison.

The reality is that CNN and its co-conspirators have been dedicated enemies of the truth and decency for a very long time. And we should consider ourselves lucky if we still have time to do something about that before the republic goes full bloodthirsty, gender-bending idiocracy.

Time to sweep the leg on media malpractice. Time to be merciless. Simply monitoring and meme-ing dispatches from an enemy country might be great for clicks, but it doesn’t conserve our constitutional republic. What is the point of simply repeating their propaganda with our snide commentary attached?

You either defeat an enemy, or it will defeat you.

Author: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally every day on BlazeTV. He is the author of the book “Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise).”