The media never cares when Americans are killed by illegal immigrants

· December 31, 2018  
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Our country is evidently an illegal alien’s world. We just happen to live in it.

Murders committed by foreigners on our soil are the most avoidable crimes. They are also the number one threat from which the federal government was created to protect us: external threats. Yet because illegal aliens are treated as a protected class, those murdered by them have no representation in the media, unlike the way every illegal alien death at the border is reported and blamed on the Border Patrol.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that among the many desperate people coming over a transnational border illegally from violent countries, there will be many criminal elements. I’ve quantified the illegal alien crime statistics from just one year of ICE apprehensions, and the numbers are staggering. There are over 2,000 illegal alien murder suspects (most of them convictions) apprehended by ICE almost every year.  Yet if we had a border wall, ended the lawfare in the courts, and removed the migration magnets, they would never come here in the first place. And if we didn’t have sanctuary states like California, they would be apprehended immediately, certainly after committing their first crimes, which are often preludes to murder.

Thus, there’s no way we can prevent the deaths of foreign children abused by their parents and human smugglers, but by shutting down illegal immigration, we can prevent every single death of an American at the hands of foreign nationals, as well as the needless deaths of immigrant children making the trek because of our magnetized border.

Which brings us to the death of Ronil Singh, the California police officer killed by an illegal alien last week. On Friday, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, a Mexican illegal alien, was arrested near Modesto, California, on charges of killing Cpl. Ronil Singh after the young cop pulled the suspect over under suspicion he was driving while intoxicated. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson revealed at a press conference Friday that Arriaga had ties to the Sureño street gang, had two prior arrests for DUIs, and was working as a farm laborer in the Stanislaus County area after crossing the border in Arizona several years ago.

A number of other family members and associates of Arriaga were arrested on charges of being accomplices to the murder. One of the accomplices, Razo Qurioz, was deported twice, according to Breitbart, based on information from ICE.

Once again, we see that without a wall and with the allure of sanctuary states, these criminal aliens keep coming back, even when we finally apprehend and deport them.

Most murderers usually commit other crimes before graduating to the ultimate sins. Many illegal alien murderers are gang members who had previously been arrested for drug trafficking, assault, and DUIs. These are terrible crimes in their own right and should result in immediate deportation upon arrest. While American criminals of such caliber often benefit from our weak criminal justice system, illegal aliens picked up for drugs or DUIs should be out of this country immediately. That is something on which we should all agree. Yet sanctuary city politicians do everything they can to release these terrible criminals when they are caught for what are perceived as “lesser” crimes.

Then there is the issue of identity theft. How was this suspect able to work freely in the country? As we’ve noted before, most of the day laborers can only make it in this country illegally if we fail to clamp down on their identity theft, a crime that local officials in sanctuaries view as a non-entity. Even the feds have failed to use the systems we have to detect them, and in fact, the IRS explicitly invites them to engage in criminality by filing tax returns to receive refundable credits.

The criminal alien DUI problem is also completely covered up by the media. Every year, ICE apprehends illegals responsible for roughly 80,000 DUIs, 76,000 other traffic offenses, 76,000 drug offenses, and 50,000 assaults. Yet the majority of illegals live in sanctuary jurisdictions that won’t turn over those with such “low-level” charges. Thus, one could imagine that the severity of the illegal crime wave is much worse than the ICE apprehensions suggest. Sure, even sanctuaries will turn over illegals once they’ve committed murder, but the murderers usually come from the pool of those who committed these other offenses for which the sanctuaries will not honor ICE detainers.

Over the weekend, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, authorities almost allowed an alien murder suspect to go free because, in the estimation of the local bail bondsman, the new sheriff in the Charlotte-based county recently decided to terminate the287(g) cooperation agreement with federal immigration agents.

The stories are endless. Just last week, another illegal alien killed an American in Pixley, California, after he was previously deported and after he had previously been arrested but set free despite an ICE detainer. According to local media in Houston, two MS-13 members, both of prime “dreamer” age, were arrested for allegedly assassinating a 16-year-old boy and then committed aggravated robbery right afterwards. The week before Christmas, a 12-year-old in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was killed by a Jamaican illegal who had already served time in jail for assault. Bridgeport is a sanctuary in all but name only.

Over the weekend, Breitbart reported that a Mexican national who was given an H2B visa was reported by the Mexican government to federal authorities the very next day that he was wanted for a double homicide. While this man was legally admitted, he is among the same demographic of cheap labor that is being brought in without any regard for public safety or social concerns. The lust of corporate America for cheap labor is turning America into the refuge for the worst criminals of some of the most violent countries.

The question every American must ask is why are all these known criminal aliens on the streets and not turned over to ICE? And this doesn’t even include the one million criminal aliens with final deportation orders who are still at large, as Secretary Nielsen said earlier this month at a House Judiciary hearing.

The criminal alien crime problem is unconscionable and can be solved overnight by not only building the wall, but cutting off all funding to sanctuary cities, using the IRS and SSA to end, rather than enable, illegal alien identity theft, and to immediately ramp up deportations. Finally, it’s time we solve the illegal alien DUI problem. Trump should demand passage of former Rep. Sue Myrick’s old bill – the Scott Gardner Act – to mandate deportation of all illegal aliens arrested for DUI. The consequences of DUI are devastating and completely unnecessary.

It’s simply disgraceful that so few Republicans are augmenting Trump’s message on sovereignty, immigration, and public safety. They spent their final weeks in power promoting weak-on-crime laws rather than getting tough on criminal aliens and sanctuary cities. If our politicians in both parties can’t even address the most avoidable problem of foreign criminals against whom they are charged with protecting us, we have a complete shutdown of law and order.

Who will reopen our government? The DHS is already shut down. When Border Patrol is forced to serve as the facilitators of the drug cartel’s criminal conspiracy and then get blamed for its effects, that is the ultimate shutdown. When ICE is forced to release over 1,000 aliens near El Paso with no regard to how many criminals will roam free, that is a shutdown of the entire purpose of the federal government. And when criminal cities and states or sanctuary courts can stop the federal government from executing one of the core jobs that distinguishes our constitutional system from the Articles of Confederation, we no longer have a constitutional republic.

As this fight kicks into high gear, rather than backing down on funding the wall, Trump should double down on defunding sanctuary cities.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.