The #rapefugee crisis progressive media won’t talk about

· January 28, 2017  
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Hi. I’m Michelle Malkin for CRTV.

Open-borders radicals in America are up in arms over President Trump’s upcoming executive orders putting a moratorium on refugee resettlement and restricting new immigration from jihad-coddling countries. Can they be more out of touch?

Europe is in shambles thanks to mass Muslim immigration overwhelming their countries and endangering their citizens. In Sweden this week, two refugees from Afghanistan were arrested in the three-hour gang rape of a woman at gunpoint that was broadcast live on Facebook.

This is just the latest example of what I call the #rapefugee crisis and the blind and dumb progressives in American media don’t want to talk about it. I’ll be reporting on the Muslim rape refugee crisis in an upcoming episode of my show, “Michelle Malkin Investigates.” Be sure to subscribe and tune in. You don’t want to miss it. Real journalism. One narrative. The truth.

Author: Michelle Malkin

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