This CNN anti-Trumper is 4% black, 96% racist, 100% WTF?!

· November 8, 2017  
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CNN’s Trump-hating contributor Ana Navarro once claimed she was black because “ZERO% African-Americans support Trump in polls,” and she hates Trump, too. Therefore … she must be black! Makes zero sense.

Navarro’s tweet went under the radar for the last year, but due to a recent Daily Wire article, it is now getting noticed. However, this wouldn’t be her last racist jaunt at the network and we’re sure there will be more to come. While the Fake News Network might be willing to give her a pass on her shameless race-baiting, we won’t.

On the FREE “White House Brief,” I try to break down her cockamamie logic and explain why she is actually the real racist here.




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Author: Jon Miller

Jon Miller is CRTV’s White House correspondent and host of “White House Brief.” He previously worked for Fox News, The Blaze, and Mercury Radio Arts. Follow him on Twitter @millerstream.