This is what segregation looks like

· June 25, 2018  
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Red Hen Restaurant
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Suppose a woman named Sarah, or of any other name, walked into the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, and was told, “We don’t serve your kind here.”

We would all agree this is clearly a textbook case of gender discrimination by any legal definition, would we not? So it shouldn’t matter what the last name of the Sarah in question happens to be or that her job happens to be White House press secretary. She was rejected from this restaurant for no other reason other than who she is, her state of being, if you will, which is exactly what we call discrimination.

See, though many are making the comparison, what reportedly happened to Sarah Sanders at the Red Hen restaurant over the weekend isn’t the same as “bake the cake, bigot.” Nor is it even the typical Leftist hypocrisy we’ve come to expect as — pardon the pun — baked into the cake when it comes to matters of conscience. As I’ve said for years, every time you turn onto Tolerance Boulevard, it’s a one-way street.

What happened to Sanders is actually worse. Much. Worse.

Florists like Barronelle Stutzman and bakers like Jack Phillips served customers living lifestyles they found immoral all along — until those same customers demanded they use their businesses to promote immoral values. Phillips, who was recently handed a narrow-in-scope victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, put it this way to NBC News: “I serve everybody, I just don’t create cakes for every occasion they ask me to. I don’t create a cake for every message that people ask me to create.”

Phillips said not only does he refuse to make gay wedding cakes because the message violates his conscience, he also doesn’t make cakes for Halloween or celebrating divorce, either. However, if you’re a divorced person or homosexual who wants Phillips to make you a cake with a more benign message, he’s just fine serving you.

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Red Hen restaurant made no such distinction for Sarah Sanders. As far as we know, she didn’t request a dish that specifically extolled the virtues of President Trump in its presentation. In fact, she didn’t demand the restaurant owners and employees endorse anything she believes in at all in order to serve her. She was perfectly fine handing them her money in exchange for something already offered on the menu as is, regardless of their personal feelings toward her.

However, they denied her service not because she demanded something of them that violated their terms of service, but because of who she is.

This reasoning has been at the heart of every abhorrent example of discrimination that has sadly stained our past. It’s not hyperbole to say that what Red Hen restaurant was advocating was a form of segregation — unless you are one of them, you’re beneath contempt and not worthy of standing. You’re less than human. It doesn’t have the force of law behind it, but make no mistake — it’s segregation.

This is where the smart set, pearl-clutchers, and other quisling “conservatives” who make their money playing token for leftist media outlets become all “I can’t even” because I dared to go there. But lest we forget, we are only a year removed from a Bernie Sanders supporter attempting to mass-assassinate GOP congressmen at a Virginia softball field. In the aftermath, I was invited to appear on a bipartisan panel on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” about the need for more civility in our political dialogue. Since then, it seems that not a day goes by that some leftist on national television or in a national publication doesn’t label those who disagree as Nazis or Hitler.

Not to mention, the following happened just in the past week:

  • Multiple Academy Award nominee Peter Fonda demanded the president’s son be imprisoned with pedophiles.
  • Fellow Hollywood leftist Seth Rogen admitted he tried to embarrass Speaker Paul Ryan in front of his sons.
  • Leftists demanded that NBA legend Kevin McHale lose his livelihood for daring to attend a Trump rally on his own time.

I am no Trump shill, but I am also not willfully blind. When people are transparently telling you who they are, as a growing segment of the Left currently is, you’d be wise to listen to them. And what they’re telling you is that unless you are willing to let them tell you how to think, believe, and behave, you are subhuman to them.

History testifies to this truth — once people decide in their hearts that you’re subhuman, they will treat you accordingly when they have the power to do so.

Author: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally every day on BlazeTV. He is the author of the book “Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise).”