It’s time for Republicans to USE IT or LOSE IT

· January 18, 2018  
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Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell
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If Republicans don’t score touchdowns when they have the ball, what’s the point of recovering possession? And no, merely avoiding an interception is not good enough.

The Left would like you to believe there are only two choices here either pass a “clean CR” — a continuing resolution to fund the government as it is at present — or give the Democrats amnesty. What about option three — conservatives getting what they want, since Republicans control all three government branches?

It appears that House Republicans are set to pass another stopgap budget bill that will last until February 16 as they work out a long-term budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. But once again, this third CR for FY 2018 contains no conservative priorities on immigration, defunding of wayward court decisions, or cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood. However, it does contain a $31.3 billion, six-year extension of the CHIP program with no conservative reforms. This is another superfluous handout to the big hospital and insurance cartel.

A “clean” CR only means clean of conservative policy.

“Well, at least they are not attaching amnesty,” some might suggest.

Is that really a mark of victory — that we didn’t attach a self-immolating Democrat-majority-making provision to a budget bill while the GOP controls all of government?

The Freedom Caucus, led by Reps. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., and Scott Perry, R-Penn., are trying to push for an eleventh-hour agreement from leadership. The Freedom Caucus will commit to supporting one more stopgap bill if leadership promises a vote on the Goodlatte immigration bill in return. This is a good first step. It’s an utter disgrace that none of the enforcement elements of the bill have gotten a vote in the House, even though some provisions have passed the Judiciary Committee for two consecutive sessions of Congress.

However, the Freedom Caucus must take this to the next level. After securing a commitment to pass the Goodlatte bill as standalone legislation, they must demand that it be attached to the full-year funding bill in February.

In a perfect world, we should not be attaching major legislation to an omnibus bill. But the other side is making their demands; why shouldn’t we make ours heard?

This is the perfect stratagem to take the issue of amnesty off the table and go on offense. By attaching the Goodlatte bill to the omnibus, Congress will pass a budget that actually contains an amnesty — the Goodlatte bill provides non-immigrant visas, which do not lead to green cards, for 700,000 illegals under age 35. However, it will contain all of the American “dream” provisions on enforcement and reforms to legal immigration. The Freedom Caucus should make it clear that this is the ironclad demand for the omnibus, and the House should telegraph the message to the Senate that this is the only budget they are passing.

At that point, President Trump can use his megaphone to unite with the House and batter the bipartisan leftists in the Senate into submission. The Senate will have no excuse to shut down the government, because indeed their precious illegals would be getting amnesty, and through their intransigence, it would be the Senate blocking “relief” for “dreamers.” It would be clear that their hatred for American sovereignty, security, and society is so palpable that they are willing to oppose even amnesty just to block broader enforcement and legal reforms.

In order to facilitate a winning budget strategy, the House should immediately vote on a bill that would pre-emptively pay the military and other vital services in the event of a lack of funding for the rest of government. Let the Democrats demonstrate before the American people what we all know in private — that they care more about illegal aliens, a future monolithic Democrat voting block than for our soldiers.

It’s time for Republicans to use their power or lose it.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.