To turn America back toward freedom, Jim Jordan for speaker

· August 22, 2018  
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Jim Jordan's big smile
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If the Republicans win in November, there is no question that Jim Jordan should be speaker of the House.

Jordan is a founder of the House Freedom Caucus. Somehow, though, operatives and the media have cast aspersions on the House Freedom Caucus, letting their annoyance be known every time the caucus acts for more liberty. But is freedom some sort of annoyance, or is it all that we live for?

The ideological opposite of the Freedom Caucus in the Republican Party is the Tuesday Group, formed to work to stop the greatest modern example of a take-charge House effort by Newt Gingrich and the ’94 Republicans who made the infamous “Contract with America.” So far, the co-chair of the Tuesday Group, Elise Stefanik, has chimed in on the race for speaker and backed Kevin McCarthy. But is that what the patriotic Republican voters want: People who will stand in the way of giving power back to the people and freedom for all?

With Jordan, Republicans and conservatives alike can unite in the quintessential struggle of our times: the fight for freedom or the fall into the desperation of socialism and the failure of America’s grand experiment.

This is no time to continue with the old ideas of “next in line” status quo. With such a historic election, certainly, the mood of the American people is not to gravitate to the “next in line,” nor is it “Speaker Pelosi.”

The midterms are going to be tough. The excitement and the efforts on the Democratic side to deliver a blow to the Trump administration are palpable. So what are we going to do about it?

For one, we can have a plan that reminds voters why they are Americans. It’s a shame that because of the retiring speaker, the rank-and-file Republicans seemingly have no united stand from the leadership of the House. If a modern Contract with America were drawn up, with special emphasis on freedom for all, tightening our belts, a booming economy, and defense of the nation, our homes, and our liberties, better unity could be achieved.

Secondly, we must turn the Democrats against themselves. After all, isn’t just about everyone fed up with the Democrats controlling the media and spewing hate and poison across the airwaves? What is not heard about very much is the division within the Democrat Party. The alt-left progressive upstarts are upset about the status quo, yet they seem to be losing to the establishment. Their golden child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t even get an endorsement from Obama. David Hogg, a white male, is disparaging Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the House. Republicans should remind progressive upstarts that the establishment doesn’t want them telling everybody what’s happening, in an effort to get them to shut up and sit down. We should also remind the establishment-type Democrats that their agenda, the nastiness, the Antifa violence, the hatred of police, the identity politics is out in the open now for all to see. No more hiding behind lofty rhetoric. The plan for government jackbooted control of our lives is for all to see, and we’ll remind them that when Americans reject it, they’ll have their crazed, out-for-blood base to thank.

Third, we have to call our Republican House members and prospective members and urge them to vote for Jim Jordan. Nothing ever goes the grassroots’ way without massive work from the grassroots.

And finally, we have to vote and identify ten people, at least, to bring to the polls with us. As is always the case, the Democrats bring in busloads, while the Republicans depend on campaign workers. It’s never enough.

If you value your freedom like all the great Americans who passed before us, we need to execute these steps to keep the House and to actually elect a speaker who truly has American freedom in mind.

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Author: Jen Kuznicki

Jen Kuznicki is a contributor to Conservative Review, a blue-collar wife and mom, a political writer, humorist, and conservative activist, a seamstress by trade, and compelled to write. Follow her on Twitter @JenKuznicki.