Top 10 slam-dunk issues for conservatives in 2016

· April 21, 2016  
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Imagine a Republican Party that spent the remainder of the congressional session focusing on the most important current issues that distinguish themselves from the opposition?  Imagine if they spent this election year demonstrating why Democrats cannot be trusted with our sovereignty, security, and society and how Republicans will provide a refreshing change?

Rather than run out the clock on boring and liberal legislation, here are 10 winning issues Republicans could pursue that will place Hillary Clinton and congressional Democrats on defense across the map:

  1. Halt Refugee Resettlement

With the first Syrian refugees arriving now under an expedited process, it’s time for Republicans to make this election a referendum on Obama’s dangerous fundamental transformation.  They should immediately move Rep. Brian Babin’s bill to shut off refugee resettlement until the Government Accounting Office (GAO) conducts a complete audit of the fiscal and security costs of the program.  They should further pass legislation granting local governments the power to veto refugee resettlement in their jurisdiction.  When Obama’s own FBI Director says they have no way of vetting these refugees, this should be a slam-dunk issue for Republicans to embarrass their opponents in critical states.  Empowering local governments on such a critical issue will mobilize the grassroots for the general election like never before.

2. Davis-Oliver Interior Enforcement

How about true “comprehensive” immigration reform for a change?  With endless cases of Americans being killed by criminal aliens, thanks in large part to sanctuary cities and Obama’s amnesty at the federal level, Republicans should immediately pass the Davis-Oliver bill.  It addresses all levels of interior enforcement and clamps down on sanctuary cities.  The bill already passed the House Judiciary Committee last session, but leadership has refused to move it to the floor.  Let Democrats be the ones to run on placing the well being of criminal aliens ahead of their constituents.

3. Visa Tracking

Implementing biometric exit-entry at our ports of entry has been a ubiquitous talking point for both parties.  It is so popular that even Democrats publicly express support for it, knowing they will never actually have to pass it.  At a time when we have lost track of hundreds of thousands of people in this country on visas, why not force Democrats to own up to their promise?  They should place a visa-tracking bill on the floors of both houses and make Democrats own any opposition to this common sense idea.  Republicans should also call the Democrat bluff on the Visa Waiver Program and repeal it altogether, in place of their phony bill, which did nothing meaningful to protect against security risks.  And for good measure?  How about putting a moratorium on all long-term foreign visas until the GAO audits these programs from a fiscal and security standpoint?

4. Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Terror Group

Even the British managed to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group.  As we’ve explained before, no terror group poses more of a foundational threat to our homeland security and cultural cohesion than the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama has just announced a $270,000 grant for a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot.  Republicans should bring the Cruz/Diaz-Balart bill to the floor of both houses.  It has already passed the House Judiciary Committee.  Let the Democrats go home to their constituents and defend a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood.

5. Stop Obama’s War on the Suburbs

One of the more “under the radar” manifestations of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America is HUD’s new “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Rule.”  This program mandates suburban jurisdictions construct a certain number of “low income” housing.  At the same time, HUD channels federal funds to crony left-wing organizations to move people out of the city into the suburbs, overwriting the zoning codes of the local governments.  This unconstitutional executive action, cheered on by the lawless courts, violates property rights, federalism, and the true ideals of equal opportunity.  It also represents a backdoor federal gerrymander and de facto eminent domain for ACORN-style organizations.  Baltimore County, for example, has already been punished with a $30 million settlement to HUD and its cronies for not meeting the mandates on time. [Listen to Mark Levin’s radio segment on this settlement from last month.]

While Republicans run scared every time Democrats shout a racialist agenda in a crowded theater, this is one of the most promising political issues for Republicans.  This hits close to home for the most important swing demographics in the upcoming election.  Republicans win rural counties; Democrats win urban centers.  The true battle is for the suburbs, and there is no better way to win over the suburbs than by attacking this issue head on.

6. Save Landlords from Criminals

Speaking of HUD, we reported earlier this month that the housing department was barring landlords from using criminal records as a criterion to deny rentals in many instances.  This is another winning issue that hits home with local businesses who don’t want to face a lawsuit simply for keeping their tenants and property safe from dangerous criminals.  Let Democrats stand with criminals over business owners.

7. Protect Religious Liberty

There is a raging fire across this country whereby private businesses and individuals are being targeted by the radical homosexual lobby because of their religious beliefs.  We need federal civil rights-style legislation to protect private property rights and the right of conscience from states, courts, and individuals.  This, at its core, is why we created the federal union.  Religious liberty is still popular with the silent majority of the country, as witnessed by the results of the 2015 elections.

8. Shut Down Iran Deal

How about a bill blocking all new sanctions relief until Iran apologizes and pays reparations for the hundreds of U.S. soldiers they killed in Iraq?  I wouldn’t want to be on the Democrat side of that debate.

9. Declassify the Full Report on Saudi Involvement in 9/11

It is widely believed that the 28 pages of classified material from the joint congressional inquiry report fully implicates the Saudi government in their involvement planning the 9/11 attacks.  Former Senator Bob Graham, a Democrat and former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is one of the leading advocates for declassifying it.  Let Obama and Hillary be forced to defend their Saudi friends.

10. Cut Funding for the Palestinians

This is an 80 percent issue.  With the endless attacks on Israel, isn’t it time we stop sending $500 million of our taxpayer funds to the Palestinians every year? The Palestinian Accountability Act (H.R. 1337), sponsored by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), would cut off funding for Hamas and the UN agency that helps them.  Then confront the Democrats with endless ads showing them supporting Hamas with our money.

There are endless other ideas ideas that are simple to message, speak to our times, and resonate with the overwhelming majority of voters.

But won’t Obama veto them? Some might ask. Won’t Harry Reid filibuster this bills in the Senate?

Well, Republicans have already given up their leverage on the budget process; all they have left is the ability to message bills and speak directly to the voters.  They can either run out the clock of their time in control of Congress by passing meaningless or downright liberal bills that obfuscate the party divide.  Or they can spend one 2-4 days on each one of these proposals and move them bicameraly, harness media attention, and have the members go back to their constituents on the weekend exposing the extremism of the Democrat Party for opposing common sense and bedrock ideals of sovereignty, security, and religious liberty.

The real question is: do they really want to win?

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.