Trump was right. Left-wing mobs are coming for THESE statues now

· August 26, 2017  
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Trump was right: Washington and Jefferson are next.

After a combative press conference last week, Trump was lambasted by the mainstream media for suggesting that the crusade to take down Confederate monuments was a slippery slope that could lead to the removal of, for example, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues as well.

The media mocked the entire notion as dumb, baseless fearmongering.

But, it turns out, the president was right.

A pastor in Chicago called on the city to rename Washington Park and tear down a statue of America’s first president because he owned slaves.

A statue in Virginia of Thomas Jefferson was vandalized because it “serves as an emblem of white supremacy.”

Charlottesville was just the beginning. The Left is breathing life into Trump’s words, as angry mobs all across the nation are ripping down not just statues of the slave-owning Confederacy … but ones honoring any figure from the past that offends them with even the slightest whiff of racism.

“Where does it stop?” as the president put it.

Here are just a few examples of the madness:

In Durham, N.C., a mob toppled a statue of a nameless soldier honoring all who fought for the South during the Civil War.  

In a Soviet-style operation, the mayor of Baltimore ordered workers to snatch up the city’s Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments in the middle of the night.

In another pre-dawn removal, the University of Texas at Austin ripped up multiple Confederate statues from campus with virtually zero notice.


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The mayor of Madison has demanded the removal of Confederate monuments at a cemetery.

A plaque dedicated to Robert E. Lee was removed outside a Brooklyn church.

In Hollywood, a cemetery has removed a six-foot monument honoring Confederate war veterans from the region.

New Orleans has declared the city’s Confederate monuments a public nuisance.

Workers in Daytona Beach, Fla., removed plaques honoring local Confederate soldiers.

Also in Florida, Hollywood city officials have agreed to rename streets honoring Southern war generals.  

In Alabama, the city of Birmingham used plastic drapes and plywood boxes to mask Confederate statues, as state law currently forbids their removal.

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In Virginia, there are plans to rename Jefferson Davis Highway.

Also in Alexandria, Va., there are plans to take down a statue of a Confederate soldier.

In Georgia, the favored Democratic gubernatorial candidate wants to blow the faces off three Confederate generals carved into Stone Mountain.

And it only gets more ridiculous from there… says:  “Let’s blow up Mount Rushmore.” (They later changed their headline to “Let’s get rid of Mount Rushmore” … but the problem was never the means.)

Activists at USC demand a new mascot, because “Traveler” also happened to be the name of Robert E. Lee’s horse.

And ESPN pulled a sportscaster from a game because he happened to be named Robert Lee.

How far until the Left is satisfied? Going forward, will every monument need to meet the Left’s increasingly radical (and wholly arbitrary) standards to remain on their pedestals? Will we have to destroy statues of anyone who wasn’t a feminist, or who didn’t believe in climate change, or who didn’t believe in same-sex marriage, or didn’t acknowledge all of the 58 genders?

It’s important to also note that toppling statues won’t do anything to combat racism. Most people didn’t even notice them until now.

Charles Barkley had the right idea when he said, “I’m not going to waste my time worrying about these Confederate statues. That’s wasted energy.” The former NBA star recently told a TV station in Birmingham, “I’m going to keep trying to make a difference, number one in the black community because I’m black, but I’m also going to try to do good things in the world.”

When asked  if we should just ignore them, Barkley responded: “I’ve always ignored them … I’m 54 years old. I’ve never thought about those statues a day in my life.”

More people should heed his advice. We should let these statues serve as a reminder of our rich history. But if you’re too much of a snowflake to take it, just do what you’ve been doing every day up until now … and ignore them.  

Jon Miller is CRTV’s White House correspondent. He previously worked for Fox News, The Blaze, and Mercury Radio Arts and graduated from Columbia University with a degree in political science and classics. Follow him on Twitter @MillerStream.

Author: CR Staff