Two illegal ‘Dreamers’ rape Maryland girl, call her fresh meat

· April 11, 2016  
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The flag of the state of Maryland. | Austin KirkFlickr

In the latest “act of love” from a pack of violent illegal aliens, police say a 12-year-old girl was raped in Montgomery County, Maryland by two individuals likely eligible for Obama’s executive amnesty. One of them reportedly referred to the girl as “fresh meat” as he encouraged his friend to partake in the act of savagery.

The incident occurred on March 26, but the two perpetrators weren’t arrested until Friday, as reported by the Washington Post. The two suspects are Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, who would likely be eligible for the Dream Act supported by both John Kasich and Donald Trump.

Montgomery County is a sanctuary jurisdiction in Maryland that does not cooperate with federal immigration officials.

How much longer are we going to remain silent and allow this to happen?

While there are of course some decent illegal immigrants — though still people who do not belong here — there is a substantial population of violent ones. We are seeing stories like this on a weekly basis, yet the politicians couldn’t care less. Congress is back in session this week, and instead of focusing on sanctuary cities, Obama’s amnesty, cutting off benefits for illegals or implementing visa tracking, they are running out the legislative clock on vacuous pursuits. The Senate is confirming another Obama judge today. This will be Obama 265th district judgeship, which means Obama’s nominees now comprise 40% of the federal district bench.

Thus, we must rely on the presidential candidates to give voice to the safety and security of our sovereign citizens for the immediate future. But one particular presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s presumptive pick for vice president, will have a tough time looking Marylanders in the eye in the coming days and telling them he will prioritize Americans first. That is because John Kasich won’t. He hasn’t until now.

In Ohio, the Kasich administration has overseen the issuance of driver’s licenses, in-state tuition, and sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. He’s referred to deportations of those without prior criminal records — such as the two men who raped this young girl — as “inhumane.” He’s said his views had “evolved” and that he didn’t want to “see anybody in pain.” Evidently, that sense of “humanity” and compassion doesn’t extend to stories like this or the pain of Sarah Root’s family after she was killed by a drag-racing illegal alien in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Maryland primary is on the big northeastern Super Tuesday in two weeks, but the Old Line State stands out in that early voting begins in just three days. Kasich thinks Maryland, and Montgomery County in particular, are fertile ground for his vanity campaign, but he will learn that Marylanders are tired of the very liberal policies he implemented as governor of Ohio. Far from being a playground for liberal Republicans, Maryland’s closed primary is dominated by conservatives who are even more militarized against sanctuary cities because they have dealt with them for so long under the policies promoted by former Gov. Martin O’Malley and the oligarchy in the state legislature.

Ted Cruz has a solid opportunity to come into Maryland, which hasn’t seen a competitive GOP primary in decades, and provide a bold contrast with his two opponents. While Kasich was giving safe harbor to illegal aliens and Trump was donating money to Kamala Harris, the queen of sanctuary cities, Cruz was fighting the U.N. and a Republican president to see to it that an illegal alien who raped and murdered two Texan girls was given the death penalty. Watch this powerful video from a 12-year-old girl explaining the significance of Cruz’s stand against George W. Bush in Medellin v. Texas when he was solicitor general of the state in 2008:

Cruz needs to take his message of sovereignty, security, and rule of law to a state like Maryland. Voters in blue states are even more affected by the deleterious policies of sanctuary cities. It’s time someone gave voice to those conservatives who have tried to block the very policies that resulted in the tragedy last month in Montgomery County. We blue-state conservatives have languished under Democrat rule forever. We haven’t come this far in the process, earning the chance to be relevant in a GOP primary, only to vote for Republican candidates who champion those very same policies.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.