Video: Leftist FSU student arrested for battery after drink-throwing meltdown against DeSantis supporters

· November 2, 2018  
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FSU student meltdown
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An angry leftist student at Florida State University was filmed having a meltdown, confronting student supporters of Republican Ron DeSantis for governor and accusing them of supporting Nazis.

“You’re supporting Nazis; do you understand that?” a woman says in video posted on social media. Visibly upset, she opens her drink container and throws her drink at another student.

“Don’t pour your coffee on me,” a male student says.

“F*** you, I will,” the angry student replies as she dumps her coffee on him.

“Do you understand that fascism is here? Do y’all understand that Nazis are f***ing here?” She exclaims. She makes references to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, saying “Nazis are f***ing shooting my people” and accusing the DeSantis supporting students of normalizing violence.

“I hope you all realize that you are normalizing and enabling Nazis,” she says before storming off and kicking a Ron DeSantis campaign sign over.

In a statement, Florida State University said this woman was “identified, arrested, and charged with battery.”

Assaulting those with different political beliefs. Why is it that the people screaming loudest about Nazis are acting like fascists?

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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