Watch: Benjamin Netanyahu tells Mark Levin what he loves about America

· March 12, 2018  
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Mark Levin interviews Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Screenshot | Fox News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened up about spending part of his childhood in America during an in-depth interview with LevinTV host Mark Levin on his new Fox News program, “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

Netanyahu spoke of how he came to the United States for the first time when he was eight years old, living in the country for a year while his father worked as an editor for an encyclopedia. Netanyahu “didn’t know a word of English” and described his experience as “bizarre and difficult for me.” A childhood friend taught him English with the book “See Spot Run.”

The prime minister’s family eventually returned to the United States for a time, and Netanyahu graduated from Cheltenham High School in Pennsylvania, the same high school Mark Levin went to. Netanyahu would go on to study at MIT, serve in the Israeli army, and become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

“What is it about America that you find so profound and so compelling?” Levin asked later in the interview, noting that Netanyahu has spent so much time in the United States.

“In one word: freedom,” Netanyahu answered. “Freedom. Because I think that America has been the vanguard of freedom, and without the United States of America, you wouldn’t have freedom in the world, and freedom is what makes life worth living.”

“The fact that America is a meritocracy. It’s not a class society. If you’re good, if you have the smarts and the ambition, you can do it. And this is a message for everybody. At least it should be. That’s the way I see America, that’s what I encountered in America and I thought should be brought to Israel,” he said.

Netanyahu recounted that in the first half of the 20th century, the “greatest tragedy” to ever befall the Jewish people — the Holocaust — was the price the world paid at a time when America was not a world leader. He believes that a great difference has been made by the founding of Israel as the Jewish state and by America’s assumption of its role as the leader of the free world.

“So when I look at America, I don’t only think of the principles of freedom. I think of America’s defense of freedom in the world and its alliance with Israel and support for Israel. I have the deepest feelings about the United States,” Netanyahu said.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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