WATCH: Crowder surprises lying SJW professor, confronts him in his own classroom

· September 19, 2018  
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Crowder confronts SJW professor
StevenCrowder | YouTube

Think twice before you slander Steven Crowder. In the latest episode of the CRTV host’s “Crowder Confronts” video series, a professor of “logic” who posted fake tweets from Crowder on social media and called him an “alt-right Neo-Nazi” is confronted on camera, in the middle of his own class.

After repeated requests for this professor to retract his statements were unsuccessful, Crowder, assisted by comedian Owen Benjamin, traveled to the University of Texas at Arlington to address the professor directly.

“Now, I’m not a guy who wants to destroy a man’s life suing him for verifiable repeated attempts at libel,” Crowder narrates. “But at this point, what choice did I have?”

Watch the slander counter rise as Crowder confronts this lying SJW prof:

After disrupting the class, Crowder and Benjamin were escorted from campus by police.

“If you make threats, calls to violence, or repeatedly abuse your power to lie to your pupils and refuse to admit the truth, I will find you, I will expose you, and I will shame you,” Crowder said.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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