We need ‘tough’

· March 16, 2018  
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Gina Haspel

It does not matter that Gina Haspel could become the first female CIA director. The fact that she is a woman should not enter into the discussion. Women want their accomplishments noted, not their gender.

Haspel ran a prison in Thailand where enhanced interrogation techniques were used and were lawful. But the ACLU and some backward libertarian doves would like to pick her apart in order to rehash the actions of the Bush administration.

Haspel was smeared, thanks to an inaccurate and now retracted leftist think tank report, as soon as her name came up, and by none other than the Republican Senator Rand Paul. He calls her a “neo-con” and her country’s actions “heinous.” We’ve heard all the rhetoric before. We know Paul wants all of the U.S. military bases emptied across the globe so that we can fight all these lunatics on our land. He is misguided on this issue, that is for sure.

[Update: After this piece was published, Doug Stafford, a spokesman for Sen. Rand Paul, told Conservative Review, “Senator Rand Paul was quoting a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. Regardless of the retraction of one anecdote, the fact remains that Gina Haspel was instrumental in running a place where people were tortured. According to multiple published, undisputed accounts, she oversaw a black site and she further destroyed evidence of torture. This should preclude her from ever running the CIA.”]

Haspel is accused of following orders immediately after an unprovoked attack on these United States by worthless terrorists. Those terrorists burned people alive. Those terrorists forced people to jump from skyscrapers to their deaths. Those barbarians slowly asphyxiated hundreds of people. To the doves so concerned that waterboarding is so torturous, slip your foot into the shoes of the 3,000 who perished that day.

And might I remind those who believe we are called by civility to sing “Kumbaya” and create a safe space for terrorists while they plot our demise that President Obama did just that and more, by releasing the worst of the worst from Guantanamo Bay, and what did they do? Rejoined their cause and redoubled their efforts.

Not only that, but Obama refused to read his daily intelligence briefings and sat on his bony hands for years while ISIS ramped up — the barbaric, bloodthirsty subhumans he laughed off as a “JV team.”

But waterboarding!

ISIS, Boko Haram, and other Islamists then proceeded to lop off heads, burn people alive, kill so many that they were stacked like cordwood, kill children and put their heads on display, kill Christians, Muslims, Jews, you name it. They soaked men in kerosene and lit them on fire. They raped and tortured women and children. Real rape. Real torture. Women, in one camp, were begging the U.S. military to bomb them, so that the rapes would stop.

But waterboarding?

And while some disgruntled ex-CIA employee complains that Gina Haspel had been trained for enhanced interrogation, he has the gall to call her “Bloody Gina.” No, the bloodthirsty animals from the 9th century are out there destroying all that is holy. Haspel worked to end it.

The Senate damn well better confirm Gina Haspel to the CIA for a very clear reason. She is tough. And after Obama wrecked the world’s perception of America, we need to reinstate our good name.

Those who prefer to theorize about an isolated America after 9/11 complain that our nation fights too many wars abroad. There is a kernel of truth in that. However, we were attacked on our soil by an amorphous group with an ideology that calls for our destruction simply for being who we are.

We need a tough cabinet and tough leaders because we are, frankly, on the cusp of a third world war due to a mixture of irresponsible crackpot theories and policies of leftism combined with dovish naiveté that Obama left in his wake.

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Author: Jen Kuznicki

Jen Kuznicki is a contributor to Conservative Review, a blue-collar wife and mom, a political writer, humorist, and conservative activist, a seamstress by trade, and compelled to write. Follow her on Twitter @JenKuznicki.