Will this police encounter with an armed black man get mainstream media attention?

· October 10, 2016  
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Traffic stop video
WRTV6 | Facebook

These days, if you read the words “video of white police officer confronting armed black man goes viral,” you probably prepare for the worst. But in this particular video of a traffic stop in Plainfield, Ind., everything goes exactly the way it should.

In fact, the mutual respect between the police officer and motorist Koree Pereira — with video captured from Pereira’s helmet camera — is downright uplifting, and that is why it has millions of views.

As reported by local WRTV, Koree Pereira was pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle. When the police officer, Aaron Teare, learned that Pereira was armed, he gave Pereira instructions to follow, and … Pereira complied peacefully.

“Respect goes a long way,” Pereira said. “I followed the officer’s instructions. He told me not to reach for my weapon.”

The exchange, posted to YouTube and Facebook, has received over 6 million views.

“The cooperation from both sides, the mutual respect was very overwhelming and very evident,” said Officer Teare. “I want them to see that not only the police, the citizens, in a textbook situation, of how things should play out and did play out.”

Pereira agreed.

“As long as we unite and forget about the negativity and be positive, we can have a positive outcome on anything,” he said.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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