With hoax dossier, the Left politicized US defense institutions

· October 26, 2017  
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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Pete Souza | Obama White House

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee have separately chipped away at America’s treasured foundations and institutions.

Leftist policies over the past decade have done untold damage to America’s culture, economy, global standing, and national defense. Yet perhaps the most egregious and damaging actions from the Left was the revelation that they combined forces to undermine the independence of the U.S. intelligence community.

Our broad national security apparatus is tasked with keeping Americans and national interests safe and protected, both at home and abroad. This past election season, it appears that that was thrown out the window in a hell-bent effort to undermine Donald Trump’s candidacy. Not since Watergate had politicians used these sacred actors for the apparent purpose of going after the political opposition.

On Tuesday, we learned that the Clinton campaign worked in tandem with the DNC and the Obama-era FBI to fund a dossier implicating Donald Trump as a tool of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. This not only caused undue tension with an adversarial nation, it had the financial backing of America’s premier domestic law enforcement institution.

From there, President Obama may have leveraged the dossier to justify domestic spying, utilizing the National Security Agency and FBI to “unmask” the names of American citizens caught up in foreign intelligence collection. Several top Obama Cabinet officials, including Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Ben Rhodes allegedly used these agencies to collect information on Trump associates.

Not a single claim in the 35-page dossier has yet been verified; the whole document was a poorly prepared ruse full of complete nonsense, one that only served to undermine President Trump’s mandate.

By weaponizing the intelligence community for political ends, Hillary, Obama, and the DNC have undermined public confidence in the institutions that are supposed to keep us safe.

When, in the wake of events like the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, Americans should be able to wholly trust law enforcement and intelligence officials to investigate the issue with independence and full objectivity. Instead, we now have a poisoned trust environment full of toxic rhetoric and conspiracies.

The leftist-created situation today will result in an inevitable trust vacuum, one that could be filled by foreign adversaries.

President Trump now is left to do what he can to restore the public’s confidence in government. He could start by draining the Swamp of Obama holdovers left from the previous administration, as some could potentially have been involved in the massive fraudulent Trump-Russia dossier non-scandal scandal.


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Author: Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is the national security correspondent for Conservative Review and editor of The Dossier for Blaze Media. Follow him on Twitter @JordanSchachtel.