WTF MSM!? A politicized hurricane relief event

· September 13, 2017  
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Beyonce performing in concert. Nelson Antoine | AP Images

Benefit telethon or left-wing rally? …

From the start … Hollywood progressivism is an incipient cancer. That’s why so many celebrity conservatives put their heads down and don’t let their political views be known, so they can continue to get work. That blatant, always-on progressivism was on display from the beginning of last night’s telethon for Harvey and Irma relief. The event began with Stevie Wonder blasting anyone who didn’t believe in anthropogenic global warming, which he termed with the newspeak “climate change.” It got worse from there. Watch Wonder here.

Beyoncé continued … Houston native Beyoncé Knowles-Carter continued the “left-wing sermon” on so-called “climate change” when she took the stage. In the opening moments of the program, by making this political, Knowles-Carter and Wonder hurt the cause they were actually there for, raising money for those affected by Harvey and Irma.

Nevertheless a good event and cause … While the show turned political, it did do some good and let the celebrities feel good about themselves while doing it. According to CNBC, $14.5 million was raised by the telethon by the time it ended. To put the number in perspective, though, one person — Houston Texans football player J.J. Watt wtf has raised more than twice that through a social media campaign.

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Head scratchers …

What does race have to do with it … The media’s identity politics narrative takes a back seat to nothing, not even a debilitating natural disaster. The Miami Herald has been a lifeline to many in South Florida in the wake of Irma. The paper has turned off its paywall so that those with only cell phone connections to the outside world can get much-needed information. However, the brass also found a need to publish a story titled: “Hurricane Irma leaves these residents stranded. And many are elderly Hispanics.” Why does the race or ethnic background matter in this instance?

Scary thought … An ever-increasing number of people, not just limited to “Millennials,” think that so-called “hate speech” should be a crime. Frank Luntz shared a shocking statistic from a recent Annenberg poll: 37 percent of Americans asked could not name any rights protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

What’s that party? … CNN continues to lead the pack in fake news by omission. Yesterday the Democratic mayor of Seattle — Mr. Fight for 15 himself — resigned in the wake of a child sex abuse scandal. Every major news outlet mentioned that said mayor was a Democrat, save one … CNN. Ryan Saavedra has the story.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.