WTF MSM!? Another Hollyweird scandal

· October 6, 2017  
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That’s a lot of women …

NYT’s bombshell about Harvey Weinstein … Democratic mega-donor, bundler, and powerful Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein was put under a microscope by the New York Times, and the results were not flattering. The Times alleges Weinstein played the part of the casting-couch producer all too well. Apparently this was an open secret in Hollywood circles; nobody did anything about it, but everybody continued attending his fundraisers for progressive causes while pretending to be for women’s rights. Just typical media and celebrity hypocrisy.

CNN’s Stelter shows blatant hypocrisy … Brian Stelter, the CNN media critic/“cheerleader,” dedicated the majority of his daily email to the Weinstein harassment story. Stelter seems to find glee when other organizations and people are hit with harassment and discrimination suits. He went wall to wall with Fox News’ problems. He has, however, remained mostly silent about the ongoing racial discrimination suit against CNN that has more than 175 people looking to join a class action suit against the network. Hypocrisy much, Brian? Stelter positions himself as the nation’s media ombudsman, but an ombudsman also criticizes his employer, instead of being a cheerleader.

The donations … The big question is, will Democrats give back the estimated $1.4 million Weinstein donated, according to the Center for Responsive Politics? According to Variety, some Democrats have begun to donate the money he’s given them. But will more do it? Or are they just cynical hypocrites?

Effect on Disney’s Iger … A question that many should be asking is what the effect will be on Disney head honcho Bob Iger’s reported 2020 presidential ambitions. Weinstein worked for Disney’s Miramax unit after selling Miramax to Disney. Weinstein left the company in 2005. Iger became president and chief operating officer of Disney in 2000. Did Iger know of the allegations? Did he do anything? Those questions should dog any attempt he makes at political office.

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A pitiful lack of understanding …

About those bump stocks, CNN … CNN used this image to explain what a “bump stock” is. As The Daily Caller’s David Hookstead remarked: “the rifle features a suppressor, grenade launcher and no bump stock.” Media companies really need to hire people who understand guns to avoid these mistakes.

Slate doesn’t get what rights are … The Left loves to make up rights, like health care, housing, etc. Those “rights” come from their notion that it is government’s job to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable at all times. That’s where a tweet like this one from Slate comes from: “Conservative media: I’d rather be free than safe.” Yeah Slate, liberty is more important than safety. Because without liberty, eventually nobody is truly safe, or free. It’s not that hard.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.