WTF MSM!? Biased BuzzFeed Ben whines about Facebook trying to be unbiased

· July 18, 2018  
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Protecting the monopoly on information … To leftists like BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith, there is only one side to every story. That is the side that he wants to tell. So when other organizations, with journalistic standards, highlight stories that go against the mainstream narrative, they must be stopped. Last week at a meeting with Facebook executives, BuzzFeed Ben did his best Brian Stelter and whined to those assembled in the room that conservative outlets like the Daily Caller shouldn’t have been invited to the meeting he was attending with Facebook. CR’s Chris Pandolfo has the details on BuzzFeed Ben’s whine-a-thon, as reported initially by the Wall Street Journal.

It didn’t end there … After the Wall Street Journal article, BuzzFeed Ben didn’t just let it slide. No, he wrote a scathing email to Daily Caller founder Neil Patel. That just HAPPENED to end up with a BuzzFeed reporter who shared it on Twitter while claiming BuzzFeed Ben didn’t give it to him.

BuzzFeed Ben tore into the journalistic standards of the Daily Caller. In response, Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll lit into him. In a tweet thread, Ingersoll tore apart BuzzFeed Ben point by point,  in particular, BuzzFeed Ben’s accusations that the Caller doesn’t correct stories and that it is biased. Which is particularly rich coming from BuzzFeed Ben Smith.

BenSmithing … BuzzFeed Ben and his cohorts were so effective at protecting the Obama administration and Democrats from criticism in the earlier part of this decade that his name game rise to a term, “BenSmithing.” The term, coined by Breitbart’s John Nolte, has even made it into the Urban Dictionary, which defines BenSmithing as:

(v) A political tactic that disguises itself as journalism in order to protect Democrats, most specifically Barack Obama.

1. Something happens or is discovered that might hurt Obama.

2. That something is discovered in the alternative media and uncovered.

3. Ben Smith (or the equally dishonest PolitiFact and Media Matters) pretend to investigate it, write something up disguised as “definitive,” and then hand the complicit media an excuse to ignore it.

BuzzFeed Ben is so slanted and biased that there is a term named after him to describe bias. That takes talent.

Erroneous stories … Let’s take a look at the other claim by BuzzFeed Ben about not correcting erroneous stories. That is pretty much the stock in trade of the leftist media. Often, when caught BenSmithing, the media either doesn’t correct or is slow to correct articles that were critical of conservatives and Republicans.

As a reader of WTF MSM!?, you know many of these stories, but let me refresh your memory on just a few.

  • In an interview published in July 2018, Dan Rather still says his false reporting on former President George W. Bush’s time in the National Guard was truthful.
  • The news media falsely claimed over and over again that President Trump called all immigrants “animals” when he was speaking about MS-13.
  • You may remember the flap over the Time cover showing a young girl ostensibly removed from her parents during the border crisis last month. She wasn’t separated. When correcting its article on the cover, the Washington Post didn’t tell readers the story had been changed.
  • Then of course there’s “America’s wrongest reporter,” Brian Ross, who kept his job for months after erroneously saying that candidate Donald Trump ordered Michael Flynn to talk to Russians.

This isn’t an exhaustive list – neither you nor I have that kind of time – but it is instructive.

Media types like BuzzFeed Ben claim that they are not biased. For BuzzFeed Ben, that includes places like the New York Times, Washington Post, and other left-leaning news organizations. They are just reporting the “truth,” which of course is slanted to protect his allies.  What Ben’s really upset about is that there are competing ideas and people proffering them.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.