WTF MSM!? Clinton’s ‘nothing burger’

· June 1, 2017  
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Stand up, fight back

When conservatism is under attack … What do you do? Stand up, fight back. That’s the message from Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin on his radio program last evening. Levin went after the conservatives who don’t want to fight back against the liberal media when the Left and that media fight constantly against conservatives. Take a listen via CR’s Nate Madden.

MRC steps up … The Media Research Center has risen to Levin’s challenge. The group has unveiled a campaign to put the “media’s advertisers on notice.” MRC will “focus on informing the American public and corporate advertisers about leftist shows and on-air personalities who … spread vicious lies and hate.” You can read all about it from our friends at NewsBusters.

The Times stops pretending no bias … The New York Times eliminated the position of public editor yesterday. The public editor was charged with acting as a voice for the readers and in recent times had highlighted the leftist slant of the paper. So much for transparency.

Speaking of standing up … I will be on the Steve Deace Show on CRTV this evening talking about fighting back against the leftist media through boycotts and other tactics. Early this evening, you can catch my appearance over at CRTV.

Catch me on the Steve Deace show tonight, only CRTV.

Global Covfefe

Covfefe tells us all we need to know … CNN’s Chris Cillizza says that Trump’s tweet of covfefe “tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump.” Instead of focusing on the humanizing aspect of Trump actually admitting a mistake in a light-hearted manner, Cillizza went on the attack. He goes through how awful it is that the president actually talks, without the filter of the press, to the American people. The horror!

Hillary tries and fails – again … Hillary Clinton tried to get in on the covfefe fun and responded to a Trump tweet with “People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.” Donald Trump, Jr. shot back with a sick burn, “What house is he in again??? That’s what I thought. You’re trying too hard.” The original Trump tweet was in response to the press fawning over Clinton’s absurd pronouncement that the press treated the email server issue as if it were Pearl Harbor.

Nothing Burger … Does Hillary Clinton listen to Mark Levin? Yesterday, Clinton gave a talk in which she claimed the email issue – which sank her presidential bid – was a “nothing burger.” Despite her use of one of Levin’s favorite phrases, the media happily took her bait. ABC and CBS didn’t mention subpoenas sent to Obama officials regarding unmasking, and NBC spent its time touting Clinton’s speech. NewsBusters has the story.

Au revoir, Paris … The media is in meltdown mode over Donald Trump pulling the nation out of the Paris Climate Accord. CBS spent its time falsely calling it a “treaty,” and over at the AP, Seth Borenstein said that the move “doesn’t look good for Earth.” In other news, the sky is falling. Mollie Hemingway tweeted out a video reminder of the cheers from the media when Obama signed the accord.

Losing sleep … An MSNBC anchor was so horrified that covfefe could start nuclear winter that she lost sleep over it. No, really, she did.

What say you?

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.