WTF MSM!? CNN: The Director’s Cut

· June 5, 2017  
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Move a little to the left …

CNN caught staging news? … Last evening, video surfaced purportedly showing CNN producers staging a protest, by presumably “moderate” Muslims, against ISIS in London. CNN’s international press team was quick to offer alternative facts – they blamed the cops – but many aren’t buying it. Here’s what our friends at the Daily Wire have on the subject. And here’s CNN’s rebuttal via Mediaite, who says, ?There is reason to fairly critique this as ‘editorializing.’”

Piece of excrement … Speaking of CNN, Reza Aslan, who reports on “religion” and Muslim issues for the network, took to Twitter to call President Trump a piece of [excrement] over the weekend. Only he didn’t use the word “excrement.” He also called Trump a “disgrace to humankind.” That’s right, the jihadis who killed people in the name of Reza Aslan’s god aren’t the disgraces; Trump is. Aslan has since offered the obligatory, I-want-to-keep-my job apology. Mediate, once again, has the story.

Theresa May’s “authoritarian” response … Because the leftist media shills truly believe that climate change is a greater threat than jihadis killing for Allah, they come up with crap like the following:  CNN’s Jane Merrick called British Prime Minister Theresa May’s response to yet another group of jihadis ruthlessly slaughtering her citizens “authoritarian.” The cognitive dissonance is utterly astounding.

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Not just CNN …

Is Trump provoking terror? … President Trump spent his entire weekend trying to push his “travel ban” from terrorist hot spots to prevent an attack in the U.S. That didn’t stop Thomas Roberts, who is a weekend anchor at MSNBC, from wondering if Trump was trying to “provoke a domestic terrorist attack with this Twitter rant, because only to prove himself right?” The Daily Caller lays out the embarrassing exchange that shows why Roberts has the weekend gig. To be fair, the rant may get him a promotion at MSNBC.

Risk of overreaction? … Another MSNBC host, Richard Lui, asked a guest if there was a “risk of overreaction” by the public safety officers responding to the jihad attack in London. That’s right, again it isn’t the jihadis fault, it’s the fault of those responding. Here’s the Free Beacon’s take.

Straw that broke the camel’s back? … Watching the way the U.S. media reported the attack this weekend – here’s my coverage from yesterday – I can’t help but wonder if this was the weekend that will finally break the MSM’s back. The coverage was so over the top and anti-Trump, instead of focusing on the actual news that jihadis attacked and killed Britons in multiple locations, that the media became a caricature of itself.

Anything I missed?

If I were to put down everything the media did this past weekend that made me go “WTF!?” it could fill a good-sized novel. Is there something you saw from the coverage of the London jihad attack that you thought was particularly outrageous? If so, email me at

Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.