WTF MSM!? CNN, your ‘peaceful’ rioters injured 476 cops

· July 10, 2017  
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I’m back …

I picked a heck of a week to go on vacation. CNN started to implode outright, and the media went into overdrive. But I’m back, and you got a special edition from the road last Thursday. I’m on a quest to visit or drive through all 3124 counties in the United States by my 50th birthday. After this weekend, I’m well over a third of the way there. My current count stands at 1,150 counties. I hit 82 last weekend. I’ve written a lot at CR about how the members of the media need to get out of the coasts and visit the country. This past weekend, someone at the Wall Street Journal agreed with me.

LOL CNN, “peacefully” …

G20 “demonstrators peacefully” … After the week they had last week, you’d think the folks at CNN would have learned a lesson. But nope, here they are back at it again, trying to shape public opinion with selective reporting. Yesterday CNN tweeted out a story that said, “An eclectic and international mix of demonstrators peacefully flooded the streets of Hamburg as G20 wraps up.”

AP had a vastly different take … The Associated Press reported, from the same crowd, “Activists riot against G-20 summit for 3rd night in Hamburg.” The AP reported that during CNN’s reportedly “peacefully” demonstrated protests, “they [police] arrested 186 protesters and temporarily detained another 225 people.” The AP added that “476 officers have been injured in the violence since Thursday.” CNN has an awfully skewed definition of “peacefully.”

CNN’s even more vastly different take … Folks, you can’t make this up. Not only did the AP have a different take from CNN, CNN had a different take from CNN. Another article on the event discussed the riots that CNN also said were peaceful. But there is no bias at the network</snark>.

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Fake ratings …

“Nitely” newz … The Wall Street Journal reports that the broadcast networks are trying to game the Nielsen ratings by changing the name of their programs in the descriptions they send the ratings agency on the nights they think ratings will be low. Basically, they apparently misspell the name of the program on purpose to take bad nights out of their averages.

All hail Kek … The folks over at Salon think memes are not only nefarious but will kill democracy. No, really, they do. They also think that “the growth of talk radio” was a crisis before the memes. Most folks think the memes are funny but don’t actually take them seriously. But it’s nice to know that people with Photoshop live rent-free in the MSM’s head.

About that NYT Trump Jr. “expose” … The New York Times thought they GOT Donald Trump Jr. Really, they did. Except, as the NY Post’s Michael Walsh writes, the story is a “big yawn.” Take a look at Walsh’s arguments; they are pretty solid.

Help me fight back …

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.