WTF MSM!? Comey set it up?

· February 9, 2018  
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James Comey looks to the side during a hearing.
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Of course …

Comey set it up? … The Daily Caller News Foundation is out with a report claiming that former FBI Director James Comey “had a direct hand” in getting his former special assistant Josh Campbell hired as an analyst by CNN. You’ll remember Campbell wrote an op-ed in the NY Times claiming the toxic atmosphere created by Trump at the FBI convinced him to leave. At the end of the altruistic mumbo-jumbo stood a paycheck. And it seems like Comey may have been instrumental in making that happen. But there’s no alliance between the media and progressives, nope, none at all.

A day that ends in “y” … I just checked the calendar, and yes, today, is another day that ends in the letter “y”. So unsurprisingly, once again CNN is peddling half-truths and outright omissions in its coverage of the so-called “Trump-Russia” investigation. This time the network has completely ignored any mention of Jonathan Winer, who admitted in s shocking op-ed for the Washington Post that he was the conduit between Sidney Blumenthal and Christopher Steele for the second dossier. This guy just openly confirmed what the Grassley-Graham memo hinted at and Trey Gowdy has been alleging — that Clinton Inc. consigliere Sidney Blumenthal had some hand in the information pipeline leading to both dossiers.

An Orthodox breakfast? … How bad has the CNN Trump-Russia delusion gotten? Yesterday, during the National Prayer Breakfast, CNN tweeted this out:

Our friends over at NewsBusters have the whole story. Leave it to CNN. They’ll make anything about Russia, even a prayer breakfast.

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Sporting …

I fell for it … I’m the guy you count on to see through the media lies. But this time, I’m the one who fell for it. As a Patriots fan, I’ve been following the Foxboro soap opera for the past few months. I fell for a bit of fake news by Ron Borges in the Boston Herald, which claimed that Brady wanted to be paid as much as the record-breaking deal quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got from the 49ers, or he’d skip organized team activities over the summer. It wasn’t true, and Borges looks to have fallen for a hoax source. OUCH. The NFL future belongs to Garoppolo and Deshaun Watson.

A communist paradise … After being duped by a glamorous North Korean ski resort last month, NBC traveled back across the DMZ to show viewers a North Korean theme park earlier this week. Sure, this is part of the human interest coverage for the Winter Olympics, but just as with fawning coverage of Cuba by the U.S. press, NBC is being used as a propaganda tool by the Kim Jong Un regime. Or are they now part of that propaganda machine? Either way, standing up for brutal dictatorships is never a good look.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.