WTF MSM!? Continuing to dig a North Korean propaganda hole

· February 14, 2018  
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Leaders of North Korea at a hockey game at the Winter Olympics.
Jean Catuffe | Getty Images

One of these things is not like the other …

Budget bias … Make no mistake, over the past two weeks, Democrats and Republicans have joined in on – as LevinTV host Mark Levin termed it – “spending like drunken Marxists.” There is nothing conservative about this latest GOP cave. That being said, watch the mainstream media spin the latest budget proposals versus how they reported on Obama budgets.

“Fox & Friends” went all the way back to 2015 and 2016 to show the stark difference in the way the Associated Press tweeted out news of the respective budgets. For Trump it was a “spending plan that features soaring deficits.” For Obama’s similar-sized spending plans, the AP claimed Obama was “pledging help for the middle class” and sent a plan “to Congress to combat terror threats, global warming.” That’s how bias happens in 280 characters or less.

This is a real column … Self-described “journalist” Jill Filipovic does not like the administration’s outside-the-box proposal to reform how the nation feeds the poor. The administration has proposed an “American Harvest Box” that would send food directly to SNAP recipients. There are real savings for the government through economies of scale of such a program. But Filipovic doesn’t see it that way. To her it is a big nanny-state program that forces food choices on people against their will. She closes by saying that Donald Trump eats ice cream every night, so how can he relate? Memo to Filipovic: Trump pays for his ice cream. As long as the rest of us are paying for SNAP, why not try to make that effort as economical as possible?

Trying to prove the Dossier … BuzzFeed News was the first outlet to publish the Steele dossier alleging collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia. The publication is facing a lawsuit from a Russian for libel and has a former FBI official leading an investigation trying to prove what is in the document. But that’s not all; BuzzFeed is also suing the Democratic National Committee to gain information on the hack of its email servers in order to prove Russians were at fault. The DNC has been reluctant to share that information even with law enforcement.

If successful, will this lawsuit help to vindicate BuzzFeed, or will it show that Russians weren’t actually behind the DNC hack? The latter would destroy a nearly two-year-old narrative the Left has used against President Donald Trump.

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Keep on digging …

How many North Koreans are in prison? … Quick question. When your entire profession is being ceaselessly mocked for the fawning coverage it gave to a brutal dictatorship that enslaves and murders its own people, what is your best course of action? If you’re Dan Arel, an author, freelance journalist, and podcaster, you quadruple down on the insanity. Arel thought it would be good to make moral equivalency points about the United States and North Korea in a tweet:

Um … If you count gulags as housing, the number of North Koreans who are technically homeless is probably low. North Korean life expectancy is 12 years shorter than in the South. And prison per capita? Since they live in a total dictatorship and very few are allowed to leave the country, just about all of them. Contrary to the rosy picture Arel tries to paint, here’s CR’s Jordan Schachtel on the “horrific slave state” that is North Korea. If you find yourself in a hole, just stop digging.

Reuters keeps digging … Yesterday, after the nonstop blowback for its coverage of the North Korean propaganda offensive at the Winter Olympics, Reuters decided to do a human interest story on the unified Korean women’s hockey team. Here’s the tweet:

You need to click to the article to see that it is only the North Koreans who “have government minders.” In addition, North Korean team members sleep in a different part of Olympic Village under that watchful eye. But hey, the North Koreans can taste a little freedom for a week by listening to K-pop, so it’s all good.

Where’s that mirror? … Yesterday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer decided to tackle whether or not North Korea had succeeded in attempts to “manipulate world public opinion” about the regime. Given that CNN was front and center in glorifying North Korean propagandist Kim Yo Jong and gushing over the “cheerleaders” at the games, you would think a little self-reflection would be in store. I probably don’t have to tell you that you’d be wrong. NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck goes through the cringeworthy segment that you have to see for yourself. Here’s the one thing CNN is stellar at: Never looking in the mirror and discovering they are part of the problem.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.