WTF MSM!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dan Rather’s ‘guide to protecting yourself against fake news’

· April 4, 2018  
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Dan Rather points at his head
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If Dan Rather did it …

Not The Onion … In some ways this makes sense. The FBI routinely uses confidential informants to help solve crimes. Those informants are often criminals themselves. Who better to know how a crime would be committed than someone who commits a crime? Maybe that’s what The Young Turks were going for with this video from known fake newsmonger Dan Rather?

In a way this video reminds me of the O.J. Simpson book, “If I Did It.” Who better to warn viewers about fake news than someone fired for making up the news?

It WAS murder … Check out this Washington Post tweet: “He said he punched a woman for calling him the n-word. A jury called it murder.” Yes, he was prosecuted for murder because killing someone with your hands, even if the victim called you a disgusting epithet, is in fact murder, or at the very least manslaughter. This is not something for these incendiary headlines. Thanks to the Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold for pointing this piece out.

Where is the coverage? … National Review’s Jim Geraghty noticed something interesting about the MSM’s coverage of the shooting at YouTube headquarters. Yesterday the media was in full coverage mode as the shooting was unfolding. Today, now that we know the shooter was a young woman of Middle Eastern descent, the story has been pushed off the front page. Literally. As Gehraghty notes, this doesn’t fit the media narrative.

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Yep …

Sorry, Jake … Yesterday I related how CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted out that he led cable news in the “demo” that is 25-54 year olds, for March. This was in response to a tweet from President Trump. As someone who routinely checks cable news ratings, I knew that to be absurd. So this morning, I rechecked TVNewser to see the updated ratings for March. March stats weren’t ready yet, but there were 2018 year-to-date stats. As I thought, Tapper’s show was rated 26th out of all cable news in the coveted advertiser demographic. Here’s the chart.

A real public service … Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wanted to share a story you may not know, about how James Brown and a local public television station combined forces to stop riots from expanding in the city of Boston. It’s a story of how the media can serve a public good.

On April 5, 1968, the night after the assassination, James Brown was scheduled to perform at the old Boston Garden. Instead of canceling the event, Boston’s mayor decided to allow it to go on. In addition, public television station WGBH broadcast the concert live. To this day, that decision is considered to have quelled the violence in the city. Here’s a longer explanation from The History Channel.

I feel good …

Can you believe that we are already into April 2018? Where did the time go? While the news has been coming at us at breakneck speed, I still feel good about the direction of the country. I hope you do too. The other thing I really feel good about is how much y’all have been helping to spread the word about WTF MSM!? Could you continue to do so by sending your friends over to the signup page? Also email me at with your thoughts.

Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.