WTF MSM!? Democratic senator’s corruption trial starts TOMORROW

· September 5, 2017  
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Where’s the wall-to-wall coverage …

Something hidden in the New York Times … An initial version of a story about the corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez in the New York Times didn’t mention that he is a Democrat. According to Josh Jordan on Twitter, the information was “quietly added” to the story. If this was a Republican, the headline would have screamed “GOP Senator faces corruption trial tomorrow.” This is the Times’ subtle bias at work.

Unfair to Democrats … The Hill published a laughable op-ed by defense lawyer Joel Cohen that said prosecuting Menendez for corruption “unfairly punishes Democratic voters.” Like that should have anything to do with it. The gist is that since NJ has a GOP governor, if Menendez needs to resign from the Senate, a GOP senator would most probably replace him. This is simple: If he’s guilty, this is Menendez’s fault alone.

Media gray-out … While there has been some coverage in the media of the trial, it is scant and often confined to spaces off the front pages. You have to dig to find the coverage. Bre Payton, writing at The Federalist, has a good breakdown of the lack of coverage.

Cable networks not covering … Over the last 48 hours, on the cusp of the trial, the only network to cover it was MSNBC, with a short mention in the 9:30 news rundown this morning and a brief mention on Morning Joe yesterday, where it was stressed that Menendez has a presumption of innocence. There was no mention on any of the “Sunday shows.”

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Hurricane roundup …

MSNBC’s Tur … Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. MSNBC’s Katy Tur doesn’t think anyone should talk about hurricane season anymore “because we see these things in all seasons,” according to the Washington Free Beacon. While hurricane “season” does last from the late spring to the middle of fall already, spanning three seasons, when’s the last time you saw a North American hurricane in the dead of winter?

Casey Neistat’s on the ground reporting … If you don’t already follow Casey Neistat on YouTube, now is the time to start. His videos are rarely about politics and mostly vlogs of his daily life. His company was bought by CNN, and he’s started short web news clips under the Beme brand. Over the weekend, he visited his in-laws’ house in Houston to help them clean up from the devastation. This video, more than anything I’ve seen, gives a sense of what happened in Houston, and it is mind-boggling.

It’s not sexist to criticize Melania … Virtually any criticism of Michelle Obama over the past decade has been met with cries of “sexism” or “racism.” Here’s Kayla Epstein, writing in the Washington Post, to tell us “why it’s not sexist to criticize Melania Trump for running to a disaster zone in heels.” No, really, the WaPo published this. Epstein is the paper’s social media editor, according to her bio.

Irma … There have been some social media memes showing bogus National Hurricane Center maps on the path of Hurricane Irma. The one place to go for the official NHC forecast is the NHC website. Here is a link to the Irma forecast page. Irma is expected to affect parts of Florida by late Saturday evening.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.